How to Break Eating Habits at Work

Put down the Snickers bar and kick it away from you…and the chips, Kit-Kat and M&M’s…where did you even have all that? So, not only do you spend the majority of the day sitting, you’re also snacking like you are preparing to go into hibernation (for those of us that aren’t familiar with the life of the Ursidae family of mammals- a.k.a bears, they consume 15.000-20.000 calories for months in preparation for hibernation).

So, how do you put down the Dorito’s? It’s not very easy, I can tell you that much, but here are a few ways to break eating habits at work.

1. It Might Be Your Schedule

This is especially true if you’re a shift worker, because there is a biological function that influences mood, appetite and metabolism called the circadian rhythms. These rhythms generally are the body’s response to light and dark, preparing one’s body to awake or sleep. If you are a shift worker then that rhythm gets messed up making the body want a few things that make you eat horrible, yet delicious foods. First it makes you impulsive, so when you have a choice between a brownie or a banana (or another healthy food item that starts with “B”) then you’ll probably go for the brownie for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s jammed packed full of sugar which is energy albeit fast burning. Secondly, it’s a “comfort food” meaning it makes you feel good, because it triggers the brain’s rewards center. So, it might not even be your fault that you’re eating like a teenage boy…it might be your job. So quit.

2. Stress

Remember when I mentioned that having an anomalous circadian rhythm can make you impulsive? Well, the same thing happens when you stressed or have made a lot of decisions throughout the day. To make things worse (because the body never makes things easier) stress also impedes digestion, so imagine caving and getting that double-bacon-gut-destroyer and burping up caramelized onions for the rest of the day. Not all that fun. Yet again, when you’re stressed it can influence your brain’s reward centers, restricting some of those feel good hormones we need to be happy, which in turn makes you crave feel-good (and more often than not) junk food. The best way to avoid this is if you have cravings drink some water, take a moment to collect yourself and relax. Then get your nosh-on.

3. Availability

eating at work

Having healthier alternatives at hand can help you avoid those sugar laden fat bombs you call food. The best choice for in-desk snacks are cereal bars (but be careful some of them have tons of sugar, too), nuts and dried fruits because not only are they packed with protein and minerals they also keep pretty well outside the fridge. Just make sure they are in the appropriate containers, you don’t want your healthy eating habits to result in an ant infestation.

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Do you know of any other tricks that can help people break their bad eating habits at work? Let us know in the comment section below.




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