How to Break Free From a Victim Career Mentality

Much has been said about how we ought to run our careers. It’s a coaching process that has spanned many years, from the moment we joined school and is still going to this very day. Many have made it through this lifetime of coaching, and rightfully so because they know how to play their cards right with every career step they take. Moreover, they’re hard-core risk takers that perceive every opportunity with confidence. An exceptional few that are willing to do what it takes.

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Unfortunately, moral decadence has pushed ’what it takes’ too far to the point where people will gladly cheat to get that dream job or promotion. Of course, many have consequently fallen victim to unfair job interviews and are often guaranteed of rejection. Disappointments have also dangerously woven themselves into the very fabric of career advancement -just peruse the internet and you’ll find tons of articles related to this subject. But most of all, many people have secretly adapted a victim’s career mentality and common symptoms of this include:

  • Persistent pessimism combined with a sarcastic aspect of optimism. This happens due to the constant rejection and disappointments that one may have experienced.
  • Having to constantly conform to mainstream ideals by following the crowd, only to constantly encounter flooded opportunities, which means having to contend with knee-jerk competition.
  • Avoiding unfamiliar risks and opportunities on the basis of egotistical perceptions and well held beliefs that limit one’s potential.
  • Expecting career solutions to come from out there instead of examining your current disposition and deciding what’s best for you.
  • Holding on to yesterday’s disappointments which inevitably influence tomorrow’s progress.

However, all this can change when you decide to:

1. Avoid Normalcy bias

School is good for you. In fact, it might be your best bet at making it in life. Yet, despite this well held perception, school doesn’t work for everybody. I mean, let’s face it – many people have studied hard for nothing (sorry to say) and this is reflected by the numerous degrees and certificates that are stored in homes worldwide. Yet people do expect that their careers will be as flamboyant as their credentials.

But we all know the tough economic challenges being experienced worldwide. Moreover, education has been heavily commercialized and as a result, quality in many places has been compromised. So really, many common career perceptions at the moment are nothing but a sinking ship and your career options might be sinking with them too. Therefore, normalcy bias starts with us as individuals holding on to the safe option thinking that fate will always favor the majority.

2. The Very Best Don’t Seek Approval

We’ve been told countless times of how the divide between the rich and the poor is gaping dangerously. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be concerned here -in fact dishonest material gain has become the norm these days, but that’s just besides the point. The very best don’t seek approval, they seek adventure. It is out of adventure that we find newness -new opportunities, new perceptions and new frontiers.

The richest people in the world don’t wake up everyday to EXPECT FROM OTHERS. Instead, they seek adventure even in their careers. This has a spillover effect for the unemployed, yet that is the least of their concerns. They couldn’t care less whether you approve of their endeavors or not, yet those seeking approval are suffering tremendously. So the ones concerned with jobs are not getting any, yet the ones who rarely think of jobs are creating opportunities in abundance -interesting.   Which begs the question, does the plateau of approval have its demerits? That’s for you to contemplate.

3. Stop Complicating your Career Progress Through Undisciplined Action

I say this with utmost concern because people follow advice from other people too much at times. I guess many are used to being told what to do without asking themselves why things should be done this way or the other. As you can see, blind faith is one of the many consequences of undisciplined action.

I can give plenty of examples that pertain to undisciplined action but all the same, it all boils down to not knowing what’s best for you. And so your career life has been about going with the flow and taking that bad job because ‘it’s happening to everyone anyways’ plus it’s a safe option. Yet you complain when suffering the consequences of undisciplined action. I mean, if it doesn’t fit you, it just doesn’t fit you. So why hold on and continue with undisciplined action? Are you still seeking for approval as always?

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Having considered what we’ve discussed, it’s quite clear that we need stop any unnecessary comparisons that divide our attention away from ourselves. Moreover, we need to reassess any habitual attitudes we’ve held on for so long, especially in regards to common career goals and challenges. These will definitely unveil all victim mentality issues that we’re dealing with and it’s up to us to have the necessary resolve to break free from them.




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