How to Break the Fast Food Lunch Habit

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If you hate eating cold sandwiches and you prefer getting out of the office for 30 minutes or one hour, you might frequently visit a fast food restaurant to pick up lunch. But even if this has been your routine for years, eating fast food on a regular basis isn’t good for you health-wise, and it’s definitely doesn’t help your pocket.

It might be an addictive habit, but there are ways to break free.

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1. Prepare Healthy Foods the Night Before

Not only should you prepare healthy foods for lunch, you should prepare foods you actually want to eat. If you put a little thought and creativity into your lunches, you might look forward to eating the food you bring from home and lose the desire to eat fast food. For example, instead of bringing a boring salad for lunch, spice it up a bit. Add tuna, chicken, shrimp or other ingredients to give it a flavor boost. 

2. Calculate How Much you Spend on Fast Food Each Month

If you spend $2 on lunch one day and $3 on lunch another day, you might lose track of how much you’re actually wasting on fast food each month. Additionally, when you spend small amounts each day, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal. However, when you add up your receipts and assess the damage, you may come to the realization that you’re spending entirely too much on lunch. Even if you only spend $3 a day on fast food, that’s $15 a week or $60 a month. 

3. Think of Better Ways to Spend your Money

After calculating how much you spend on fast food each month, think of better uses for your money. Maybe you’ve been complaining about not being able to save enough money, or maybe you want to pay off some debt. Stop your fast food addiction and you can free up cash in your budget to reach financial goals.

4. Educate Yourself on Fast Food Nutrition

Fast food might be tasty, but it’s not exactly healthy. Visit your favorite fast food restaurant’s website and search the nutritional information for your favorite choices. The findings might surprise you. Many seemingly simple fast food items have a much higher calorie count than the foods you prepare at home, and the sodium content in one item may be more than the daily recommended intake. If you don’t know why you’re putting on extra weight, your daily fast food habit might be the culprit.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Eat Alone

You might start eating fast food everyday in order to hang out with your coworkers. Maybe you hate the idea of staying in the office by yourself while everyone goes out for lunch. But what’s more important — following the crowd or improving your money? So what if you eat alone at your desk. Use this quiet time to handle personal business, catch up on some reading, run errands or take a walk. 

6. Don’t Download Fast Food Restaurant Apps

If you’re trying to break a fast food habit, don’t download fast food apps and remove existing fast food apps from your phone or tablet. These apps send notifications whenever there’s a special, which might be more temptation than you need right now.

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional fast food treat. But if you get into a habit of eating fast food every day for lunch, your health and your bank account might suffer.

Do you eat fast food every day for lunch? Do you find your bank account and health suffering because of it? Your thoughts and comments below please...





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