How to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

It’s true you don’t become an entrepreneur overnight. Opening and running a business, requires hard work, dedication but most of all excellent time management and decision-making skills. Wanting to become your own boss isn’t a big deal, but actually making it happen is demanding.

Since becoming a business owner is risky, many people start out while having a full-time job. This is a good plan as it provides you with a safe choice, but also gives you the opportunity to expand professionally or start your passion project – as you may call it. Entrepreneurship is always a good alternative to flexible work, no matter your age, job or marital status. In that sense, you can be a business owner while providing for your family, but you can’t be one without having some financial help.

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The good thing about opening a business while being somebody else’s employee is job security. So if anything were to happen to your business, you would still have your main source of income and be able to provide for yourself and family. However, the obvious downside to it is limited time. I mean how would you be able to be successful as an employee and an entrepreneur at the same time? Is it possible to start a business while having a day job and keeping up with the ongoing demands?

1. Be More Organised

unorganised person at work

The life of an employee is very different to the life of an entrepreneur. As a full-time worker, you don’t get to call the shots or make important decisions that affect your work unless of course you hold a high position in the company you work for. As an entrepreneur you will be on the run all the time, so it makes sense you will need to organise your time better and make sure you stick to a schedule. If you want to start a business, then you need to forget what you have learnt thus far, and change how you operate as a professional.

2. Keep a Balance

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Keeping a work-life balance is difficult - while having a job, so how are you going to cope with the added pressure of running a business and still have a personal life? Becoming an entrepreneur means that you might need to sacrifice some of the time you would normally spend with your family or on your own leisure activities to prepare and keep the company up-to-date. If you are willing to do that, then you are on the right track.

3. Be Honest About it

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The only way you can stay on top of your performance at work and still get to work on your company is to keep these two separate. To help yourself out, do let your manager know that you are planning to start a business but don’t let this get in the way of how you work as a full-time employee. Most importantly, don’t carry out any entrepreneurial work while on the job and never put your work duties on hold as you risk getting fired.

4. Make Time to Relax

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To stay sane, you will have to set some time aside for relaxation between the two ‘jobs’. The last thing you want is to wear yourself out and let time and pressure consume you. Appoint a time when you will only focus on getting what you need without having to think about your day job or business. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who know how to take care of themselves first and those who believe in mental acuity and self-improvement.

5. Start Networking

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Networking is important when you are thinking of starting a business. In fact, it’s essential to gain access to more resources as well as to get help from other professionals. Also, it might be a good idea to find a good mentor who will be able to guide you through the process of opening your business. A mentor should give you some good tips and valuable advice on how to balance the workload of having a job and running a business.

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So do you think you could be an entrepreneur and still work as a full-time employee? Would you ever attempt it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.