How to Build a Good Reputation at Work

When you a new job, you want to establish a good reputation quickly. This is especially true if this is your first real job; you want to launch your career with a well-respected professional image.

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But, this is easier said than done. So, in order to help you out in this quest for a great office reputation, we have put together a quick guide to build a strong reputation at work and set up the best foundation for your career.

1. Earn Respect Quickly

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We are all aware that sometimes, life gets in the way of everything, and unfortunately, work is something that is more often interrupted by life. So, there might be times that we will have to ask our bosses for a bit of flexibility in this regard - but be careful not to do that as soon as you enter the new work environment.

It’s not your fault that you grew up in a world where everyone expects everything up front. But, keep in mind that you need to pay your dues before you can ask for anything - this way it will be fair for everyone.

You don’t need to work extra hard for that, just make sure to follow the company policies and try to have a healthy relationship with your boss. For example, if your contract says you have to work from 9-5, make sure that you are always at your desk during those hours. So, by following these simple rules, you will show how consistent, dedicated and loyal you are as an employee. This will make it easier for you to ask for a more flexible schedule - for example, arrive late, leave late or have a late lunch hour and so on. Show them that you’ve earned it.

2. Show Initiative


One of the best ways to show your gratitude towards your boss is by showing initiative. So many employees expect their boss to tell them what to do, step by step to tackle an assignment or even wait for them to assign them a task. Don’t wait for them and don’t expect everything to be clear-cut; this isn’t school. Take the initiative and ask if there’s anything you can help with or just skip that part and dive into a task right away.

You always need to step up, if you want to get ahead try to take on a task that everyone seems to be avoiding. This way, you will gain your boss’s and coworkers’ respect - you will be killing two birds with one stone.

3. Figure it Out

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If you are new to the job, then you are expected not to know everything, right? What do most new hires do for that? They wait for their supervisors to show them around, teach them how to do their job, how to use the kitchen or wait for them to explain certain company policies. Even though it is completely acceptable to ask a lot of questions, try to keep them quick, short and most of all don’t ask them any stupid questions. Your boss can’t hold your hand all the time; they are not your babysitter. There are some things that you need to go and figure out on your own.

You need to learn how to work independently and reach out to other important people related to your queries. For example, if you have a query regarding the internet and your computer, go find the I.T guy and ask him your questions. Don’t wait for your boss to be the middleman.

Your boss will see value in you as you figured it all out on your own and that you also took the initiative to build relationships with others in the office. You’ll be seen as a fun, efficient and hardworking individual in no time.

Can you think of any other ways to build a good reputation at work? Let us know in the comments section below.