How to Build a Green Startup

Green Startup

The popularity of organic and environmental products on supermarket shelves is no longer just a trend. Going green opens the door to big opportunities for entrepreneurs who have a desire to live and do business in a safe environment. As a business owner, you will reap various benefits of ‘adapting green technology, one of which is the green practice of marketing your products or services. If you are considering a green business, here are some tips to follow:

Find Your Target Market

More consumers are continuing to embrace the green lifestyle. This offers up many possibilities for business growth. Within the organic marketplace, you will find food production, cleaning supplies and beauty products for sale. Find out where you fit in any of these niches. However, be sure to seek opportunities that match your interests.

Green Grants

Many organizations and government agencies are offering business grants for entrepreneurs who are interested in building their green business startups. As long as you have a viable idea that is designed to improve the sustainability of the environment, you could qualify for one of these grants. All you need is a good green idea, an excellent business plan and an indication of what role your green business will play to improve the green economy. As long as you are able to undoubtedly demonstrate the sustainability of your business venture and its significant impact on the environment, you may be eligible for a grant for expansion. For example, if your green business idea means transforming an existing company into an eco-friendly company, you could qualify for a grant. There are many organizations providing access to grants for green construction, waste recycling, bio-fuel or sources of renewable and alternative energy.

Get Certified

To be taken seriously in the green community, it is better to have the proper certification than not. Certification also helps to distinguish your product or service as ecologically sound. It also means that you can use the eco-friendly label on your products and marketing correspondence. This label helps to strengthen your brand and is a very important part of customer attraction, especially green customers. The Small Business Association offers green certification at You can also apply to be a green business at

Practice Green Living

If you want to be a profitable green business, you don’t just sell the lifestyle, but you practice it. You have to become green and have everyone around you, including your employees and vendors. Before starting a green business, conduct extensive research on the requirements, but also refer to the Small Business Guide for Energy Efficiency for more information on living green.

Become An Eco-Industry Partner

The EPA is a government agency that sponsors a wide range of eco-industry partnerships and programs whose purpose is to lessen the influence of industrial undertakings on the environment. When you join the programs offered by the EPA, you will be able to connect with other industry partners. You will also be able to grow your green company brand as well as do your part to protect the environment.

In conclusion, building an eco-friendly business is an excellent way to merge your passion for living green and your entrepreneurial spirit - making a difference for the environment. Prepare yourself by learning as much as you can about the benefits of green living and running a green business.