How to Build a Strong Online Reputation

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Personal branding has become more important than ever, not only in regards to finding a job, but building a strong reputation and establishing your brand, as well. Just like convincing employers to hire you while selling your key strengths on your résumé, you can easily build and manage your online reputation with the help of social media and effectively promote yourself!

So, whether you want to build your own loyal base of customers, increase your followers or get a job, check out the following five useful tips:

#1 Show interest in your audience

Likewise in any marketing application, understanding your audience’s needs is crucial. This means that you need to get to know your followers better and learn what matters to them the most. To be specific, you should get to know what they need from you and let them know you how you can help.

In order to that, you need to show you are more interested in your followers than yourself. Perhaps you can do that by posting fewer photos of you and instead focusing on sharing content that provides useful tips and advice, or even funny quotes and jokes to entertain your readers. Ask questions and get your audience involved in a discussion or come up with your own creative ideas on how to interact with your followers!

#2 Show that you are ‘human’

Showing that you’re a “human” on social media is of significant importance. This means that you are able to show your audience you are feeling what they are feeling and therefore you sharing content that in a way promotes a more personal approach to whatever you are presenting. If you are a writer for example, you should be able to convey your ‘humanised’ side and write about feelings or human flaws which are more realistic and convincing. It doesn’t matter if you are referring to yourself or not; this kind of content attracts followers like bees!

#3 Give people glimpses of your personal world

On that note, you should be able to transfer information from your own world to the digital world. This will allow you to build a relationship with your followers and establish the foundations of trust and respect. Find ways to let people know about your interests as well as what you do or what you stand for as it will definitely grasp the attention of your audience. This way you are giving away some glimpses of your personal world, which helps your followers get to know you better.

#4 Share content that promotes hope and positivity

On social media, people are more likely to follow the high-achievers, the dreamers, the inspirational, and motivational speakers. Why? Let’s face it; no one is impressed by a pessimist who hates everything about life and what’s associated with it – including people! So, if you manage to spread hope and positivity, your followers will start thinking positively about you as well and will undoubtedly suggest to their friends to follow your page. An easy way to do it is through sharing success stories, triumphs and life lessons that everyone out there can actually relate to.

#5 Be consistent

Last but not least, you should be consistent as far as it concerns updating your status and informing your fans what you are up to. Set a goal to update your profile at least once a day and when you are up to that point, it will be a lot easier for you to spare some minutes from your time to do it.

By devoting attention to the management of your online reputation, it will not only help you control your image better, but it will also allow you to build an immense base of loyal followers and get discovered easier!

How do you manage your personal brand online? Let us know in the comment section below!