How to Build a World-Class Website for Your Business

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Today, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you should have a website. Essentially your website is the primary point of contact for potential customers. This means that your website is your business; thus it is important it demonstrates the highest level of quality.

Creating a high quality online business profile and content for your business does not only give out a positive impression to clients but also increases the chances of customer-engagement, as a result more prospective clients will become interested in buying your services or products.

So if you want to build a world-class website for your business, check the following 5 tips:

#1 Getting your domain name

Your domain name provides a base for building a solid online business. With a good domain name your business website has a more professional appearance and credibility. So the link to your website should read “” instead of “”. Getting your own domain name is all about standing out from competitors and projecting uniqueness and independence.

#2 Choosing a web host

Having a good web hosting service is extremely important. The hosting service needs to be reliable, support whatever technologies you plan on using on your website and also have as little downtime as possible. Look at reviews online to see the most reliable ones available. You might want to have look at Yola,, Wix, GoDaddy, Virb and Voog.

#3 Designing your web page

There are currently many choices and options for doing it yourself. If you are already familiar with WordPress you don’t have to pay a website designer to do the job. On WordPress you can choose your own template and build your website easy and free. Other content management systems and template website builders can also help you create your business website.

When designing your page, think like a customer and make sure the site responds to the needs of your target audience. Avoid building the site according to your own preferences only. If it helps, have a look at other business websites, check how your competition promotes their business image online and create your own website design template investing in the advantages of each. 

However, as your website design is very important it may be worth paying a professional developer to build the website for you. A good developer will provide everything you want fast and also include a maintenance contract to keep your website working for years to come. If your website looks outdated, it will fail to represent the image you want for your business and will definitely not bring customers to try out your services.

Overall your business website should be simple and straightforward. Focus on simplicity and avoid lots of graphical content and colorful sections that make the site look messy and confusing.  In addition, it is important to build your site in way that’s easy and simple for customers to navigate. Simple navigation increases the number of people checking your business profile and allows browsing of products without frustrating them.

It is not just consumers that you have to worry about. The simpler your website the easier it is for Google’s so called spiders to crawl it. This means you will achieve higher rank in the search results. As a general rule it is best to avoid JavaScript and Flash as much as possible. Use only HTML and CSS if possible especially in the menus.

 #4 Creating quality content

A good website has everything customers need to know about the business. With this being said, you have to make sure your website offers enough information about the business product or services. Also, information should be visible through the design and text on your site and needs to be clear and well-presented.  

Your website’s sidebar should display at least 5 pages and include the following:

  • “About Us”: the autobiographical section is important as it informs visitors what’s this business about and its history including who you are and what you do and the company’s culture.
  • Contact Us”: this section tells visitors how they can contact you so list all possible ways visitors can get in touch including your e-mail, phone, mail and other social media accounts. Contact us button should be available at the bottom of each individual page as well.
  • "Our Services”: this section allows visitors to browse and review your products or services.
  • Social Media integration: add social media icons in the main navigation bar and page footers.
  • Photo Gallery: humanise your business by including photos of people from workplace, environment, anything that provides references to your business and excellent services to customers.
  • News Page/Blog: although optional, this section allows visitors to get news on what’s happening within the company and industry. E.g. it could be a blog that advertises your business and news articles.

#5 Getting your website noticed

After you decide what web host, template and design you want to use, it is important to make it possible for visitors to access your site. In order to increase traffic to your page you need to know which keywords you need to use when describing your services. Google Analytics allows you to see which keywords directed visitors to your website and Google AdWords allows you to find out if your keyword choices are on point or not.

As you can see, creating a world-class website for your business involves making your website stand out and getting your visitors to act. Having these tips in mind will definitely help you build a successful website for your business! This is not the end though and a website must be constantly updated and improved to make it world class. Good luck.




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