How to Build an Effective Newsletter Sign Up Page

A newsletter is one way to establish yourself as an expert in a particular field, as well as build your clientele and grow your business. For that matter, if you’re creating a newsletter, you need names and email addresses. Some companies make the mistake of spamming people with their newsletter. But this is ineffective. In most cases, the people who receive your newsletter aren’t your target audience, which means you’re wasting your time and efforts. A better approach is creating a newsletter sign up page directly on your website. Since people visiting your site already have an interest in what you’re offering, getting subscribers shouldn’t be too difficult. Here’s a look at effective ways to build your newsletter sign up page.

1. Add a One-Time Pop Up on the Home Page of Your Site

If you took a survey, you might discover that the majority of web users hate pop up ads — especially when companies have these ads on each page of their site. It’s overwhelming and annoying, and some pop up ads slow a computer’s response time. However, including a one-time pop up on your website is acceptable and won’t rub too many people the wrong way. With this type of ad, visitors are given the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter as soon as they visit the site.

2. Give Sign Up Options on Other Site Pages

You can also give visitors the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter on other pages of your site. But rather than a pop up, add a banner at the top of the page, or perhaps a link on your side bar. Visitors may not want to commit to a newsletter sign up as soon as they visit your homepage. But as they explore your site and venture to other page, their confidence in you as an authority can increase, and they might want to sign up later. Therefore, don’t limit the sign up box to only the first page of your site. The more opportunities a reader has to sign up, the better.

3. Don’t Ask for a Lot of Personal Information - at Least Not Initially

Although people may want to subscribe to your newsletter, they may not want to provide too many details about themselves. Therefore, when building your sign up page or box, request as little information from people as possible. For example, you might only ask for a first name, an email address and maybe a ZIP code if you plan to segment and target a particular region.

Some websites make the mistake of asking for too much information, such as a physical address and a birthday. And while some people don’t mind providing this information, others may feel it’s intrusive, which can limit your number of subscribers.

If you need additional information about subscribers to better target your newsletters, wait and ask these questions after the initial sign up. Once users receive a confirmation, you can add a screen giving them the option of providing more information about themselves, such as their birthday, gender, occupation, full name, etc.

4. Provide a Link to the Privacy Policy

When building a newsletter sign up form, don’t forget to include a link to a privacy policy. This way, subscribers know exactly how you plan to use their information. Let them know that you won’t sell or share their information with a third-party.

5. Provide a Link to an Example Newsletter

Give readers a preview of the newsletter before they sign up. Within your sign up box or form, include a link to a recent newsletter. Visitors to your site can click the link to preview what they’ll receive each week or month.

6. Send a Confirmation Email

After receiving a newsletter subscription, send the registered user an email confirmation. This acknowledges receipt of their request, plus you can thank new subscribers and let them know what they can expect in the future regarding the frequency of emails. As a thank you or welcome gift, you might include a discount code with the confirmation email, if applicable.

Email marketing is an effective way to increase your sales and build a strong clientele. A newsletter can provide your target audience with advice, new information or personal experiences. If you can engage subscribers on a regular basis, you can earn their trust and business.


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