How to Build an Impressive Resume Without Much Experience

It’s an issue that graduates all around the world have to deal with every day: employers don’t want to hire you because you have no experience, and you can’t get any experience because nobody will hire you. It often seems like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome, but it doesn’t have to be so long as you play up your resume.

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Obviously, your resume will be lacking in work experience. But that doesn’t mean that your resume should also be lacking in skills. As a driven person you will have probably achieved a lot in life, and even if your skills seem insignificant, you can give them a positive twist on your resume to make yourself more sellable.

1. Go Into Details About Your Volunteer Work


Volunteer work doesn’t only speak to your character; it can also be used to gain real work skills. For example, if you’ve led a team project you can use this to extract transferable skills. You can list among others that you are a decision maker, a good communicator and good at organization etc. Just think of what each situation has taught you and include those skills in your resume.

Volunteer work can boost any resume because everyone knows that it’s not an easy task to undertake, and if you were willing to spend your spare time helping others, then that speaks to how professional you are.

2. List Your Extra-curricular Activities

Similar to your volunteer work, any extra-curricular activity you undertook can teach you a lot. For example, if you were an athlete, this can be used on your resume to exemplify your team spirit. Even if it’s been years since you’ve stopped doing them, that doesn’t mean that the skills acquired have been erased from your mind. So list everything you’ve done and write down every skill you’ve acquired.

3. DON'T Include Summer Jobs

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I know that an empty work experience section can be intimidating, however, you shouldn’t get carried away with every summer job you’ve ever had. If your summer jobs are irrelevant to what you are applying to, and if you didn’t gain any transferable skills worth mentioning avoid listing them all together.

They will make the hiring manager lose focus of who you want to be professionally and they might hinder your chances of getting called in for an interview.

4. Be Clear About Your Objective

It’s especially important for younger people to include a summary, or an elevator pitch in their resume. This will help the potential employer understand who you are and why you want to work for them, so it’s essential that you use this bit to come out as a driven professional interested in the opportunity offered. Be specific about the reason you’re applying as this will make you seem determined.

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Writing your first resume job can be intimidating because you are aware that you don’t have much too offer in terms of experience. However, each position is different and you always need to learn the ropes, so even the most experienced of us could struggle when starting a new job. This is why you shouldn’t lose heart and why you should understand that being driven and motivated can open a lot of doors for you.