How to Build Healthy Office Habits

We are certainly creatures of habit. When we do something repeatedly, such as driving to work, taking a bus can feel quite strange.

The office, where most professionals spend the better part their adult life, is gradually changing from a productivity hub to a ‘disease playground’. Just look around the workplace; how many people complain of fatigue or backache at day end? Don’t even start counting.

This might sound scary, but unless you lead a health office lifestyle, breathing problems, heart complications, obesity and other complications will be lurking around the office, waiting to pounce. 

So, how do you build healthy office habits?

Hit the stairs

It is not healthy to sit behind your desk for the whole day. Move your body. Go for a short walk during lunch break. If you work in a multistoried office building, this is the best time to forget the office lift and hit the stairs. Exercises are also a good way to move your body. Although it can be difficult to exercise in the office, it would be great if you gave it a try. Mayo Clinic recommends office exercises focusing on the neck, calves, wrists, legs and ankles.

Drink lots of water

Water is life. Not coffee. As much as you regard coffee as the liquid that gets your brain cells energized, water plays an important role in regulating your body temperature and transporting nutrients around your body. Start keeping a water bottle at your workstation at all times. This way, you can develop a habit of sipping some water as the day moves along. What’s more, eight is not the magic number! You can drink as many glasses of water as you like in a single day.

Set a timer

Working for about eight to ten hours straight each day without a break can be exhausting. If you are super-busy or chasing tight deadlines, working continuously may sound justifiable. This is, however, unhealthy. Although you are entitled to one uninterrupted 20-minute break, you need shorter breaks throughout the day. Set a timer to go off after every two to three hours. When you hear the beep, you can spread your shoulders or walk to the office window and back.

Sit right

When talking about good health, posture ranks right at the top, according to the Kansas Chiropractic Foundation. In the office, you have to ensure your computer workstation is set up appropriately. At the beginning of each day, be sure to adjust your workstation accordingly. The monitor, for instance, should be position to your eye level to release the tension from your neck and shoulder muscles. Visit this office ergonomics guide for more posture tips.

Let your brain relax

Although office work isn’t always physically demanding, it can be mentally draining. Too much mental stress can affect your physical health. If you are working on a difficult task, give your brain time to recharge by shifting your attention to a simpler task. This could also be the right time to draft and send that pending email, or drown a glass of water!

Try these tips and you can be sure to enjoy a very healthy office experience.

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