How to Build Resilience

Resilience isn’t something we are born with; it’s not a component in our DNA. It’s something that must be learned, nurtured, and used. Developing resilience can not only help you in your personal life, it can make you a strong leader, an attention grabbing contender, and creative visionary in the workplace. Following a direct path to resilience is as easy as taking a few steps each day and once you set off, you will begin to see the results of harnessing your inner Superman almost instantly.

The Six Steps to Building Resilience

  1. Stay Positive: Being an optimist, no matter what obstacles appear in your path, is key. Try to concentrate on what is going right with your projects. Focusing on the negative will not only trump your confidence, it won’t allow you to find solutions to problems that may be plaguing your current task. When faced with opposition, stay strong, believe in your capabilities, and don’t let others bring you down. At the end of each work day, sit down and write a one liner about what went right; even it seems small and menial. This can help you focus on the positive aspects of each day.
  2. Continue Learning: Resilience is not arrogance. Be humbled by the knowledge others bring to the table. Continued learning is a proactive way to stay on top of your game. Research topics that interest you, learn about new developments in your field, and speak with those you look up to for their insight at the office to gain a new perspective on things.
  3. Think Like a Beginner: Remember when you first started your job or when you set out to begin building your career. The excitement of a beginner should always be with you and can act as a motivator for continued advancement. Don’t allow yourself to become too jaded by work life, retain your "beginner wonder."
  4. Avoid Tunnel Vision: Always look at the big picture. Think of each project you complete as a stepping stone toward the next level. Focusing on the next big personal achievement can keep you going when things get tough. When you’re in a rut, try and picture where you will be in 5 years. When you really think about it, the little hang ups of the day are quite small and meaningless when compared to the big picture.
  5. Network: Networking with others in your position can really help to put your career and work life into perspective. Continue building positive relationships with others in your field, reach out to mentors, equals, and those working toward your level. Having a wide array of connections can act like a support group and can also create an environment for continued learning. If you’re not sure where to start, use social networking to join discussion groups. These are designed to help you connect with peers, gurus, and other likeminded individuals.
  6. Stay in Shape: The key to the life balance is to exercise the mind and body. You work hard every day at the office; when you head home or during your lunch break, get some exercise. Even a short walk can help you relieve stress and tension. Mid-day exercise is scientifically proven to help you stay sharp, focused, and energetic on the job.

Following these simple steps can help you build resilience and harness your inner strength. The most important step, and often the hardest, is always the first. So go ahead, take that first step today. During the process, stay positive, everyone has their Kryptonite. But just like Superman, you can overcome your weaknesses by staying vigilant on your quest toward developing truly indestructible resilience.


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