Building Your Brand with Instagram

You’ve heard it before; social media is the key to building your brand. You have a personal and business Facebook page, you pin regularly on Pinterest, and tweeting is second nature, but what about Instagram? Using this relatively untapped marketing tool can really set your brand apart.

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram is a unique media platform that allows you to post and share pictures and gifs. Once uploaded, pictures and videos can be altered using tools available within the platform. After you post, you can allow followers to share your media and also link uploads to other platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Laying the Ground Work

Effectively using Instagram as a promotional tool takes a little creativity, but the rewards are well worth the extra work. Become a regular on the site before pushing product. Users of this platform want authenticity, so you need to build a good personal rep before concentrating heavily on your branding. This will also allow you time to become familiar with the site, how features work, and what types of material trends best.

Any good entrepreneur knows that customer engagement is key. Before going all out with your product or service, make intermittent posts that include “teasers.” Being creative with your teasers can help to cause a buzz among followers; the bigger the buzz, the better the exposure. At this stage being vague and artsy with your product can be a good thing.

Plan Your Attack

Once you have garnered the trust of your followers and created a healthy buzz around your brand, start thinking about your unique customer profile. For example, if you are starting a thrash rock music label, start checking out your followers’ demographics; are their posts music orientated? What type of music are they listening to? Etc. This will tell you if you’re headed in the right direction with the fledgling stages of your brand evangelization.

Get your social media platform posts in harmony with one another. Consistency = success when starting to promote your brand. Your Facebook posts, Twitter feed, pins, etc. should all coordinate with one another. When offering sneak peaks, make sure to link to your main product posts from each platform.

Going All In

Now that you’ve laid the ground work, you can experiment with different types of posts. Originality and creativity are important when using art-based social media platforms like Instagram. If a picture is really worth a thousand words, be thoughtful of how, when, and what you post.

Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use to allow your brand’s personality to shine through. Instead of lengthy posts and promo shots, it’s important to incorporate media that allows your potential customers see you through your product or service.

In order for a brand to be wildly successful, promotion must also include information regarding your company culture. A solid foundation and rich, relatable company culture can make the evangelization of your brand literally unstoppable. When working with a site like Instagram, let your company colors show; make your brand speak for itself by posting not only product photos but production photos, videos of your facility, interviews with staff; let the public behind the scenes and you will build a strong trustworthy relationship with your customers.




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