Top 10 Business Options For a Small Town Girl/Boy

Some people are totally desperate to leave the small town they grew up in and others are super content to stay there forever. Small towns may not be all that exciting but they offer a lot of charm and friendly people. Fortunately for you if you’ve remained in the place you grew up in, there are tons of small business ideas that might suit you. You don’t have to leave everyone and everything you know behind for the promise of making it in the big city. Read on to find out the top ten business options if you’re a small town boy or girl. Your mom will be so happy that you’re staying put so she doesn’t have to worry about you (although she’ll still worry, let’s be honest).

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10. Bakery Owner

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Do you dream of the perfect chocolate chip cookie – not too hard, not too soft? Do you have a masterful recipe for vanilla cake? Are croissants your favorite thing in the whole wide world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here’s your small town business option: start a bakery. You don’t have to be a master baker although that would definitely help you out. All you need is a dream and to rent some store space in your town’s downtown area (which is usually just a single street). If your friends and family drool over your sweet treats, then go ahead and bake the stuff that you’re selling. If not, don’t worry, you can hire some bakers to do all the actual work while you sit back and put your heels up. Just kidding. Running a bakery will definitely take lots of hard work and long hours – you won’t have much time to relax with a glass of milk and some fresh-baked cookies.

9. Gym Owner

Small town people need to work out too, right? We all do if we don’t want to gain a million pounds every time a chocolate or pizza craving strikes. If you’re a fitness buff, you can open a gym. The possibilities are endless: you can open a general gym that has all the usual machines like treadmills and cross-trainers, you can open a trendy CrossFit gym, or you can open a boutique studio that offers yoga or barre classes. You might ask why opening a gym in a tiny town is such a brilliant business idea? It’s easy: lack of competition. If there aren’t any competing gyms, then you can definitely go for it. And even if there’s another gym, you can make yours different which will still attract people.

8. Caterer

People need to eat wherever they happen to live, whether in an exciting big city or a cozy small town. People also throw lots of parties – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. And people don’t exactly want to cook for those special occasions. That’s where you come in: you can open a catering company in your town. You can operate on a freelance basis out of your very own kitchen, or you can rent some office space that has a kitchen to cook in or even have a small store on your town’s main drag. It’s up to you. A catering company is a great business option if you’re a food lover who wants to get super creative, since you can make all the decisions from type of food, marketing and promotion, staffing, etc.

7. Lawyer

Law firms and small towns were basically made for each other. If you went away to law school but came crawling back to your sweet hometown, there’s no reason why you can’t open your own firm. You can specialize in any type of law that you want but you’ll probably want to focus on personal injury since there are so many personal dramas in small towns. You’ll be super successful.

6. Florist

People need flowers everywhere, right? Don’t let the fact that you live in a super small town dampen your enthusiasm if flowers are your passion. You can be the one-stop-shop for your town’s flower needs, from high school graduation daises to red roses on Valentine’s Day. Why not open in February and have an amazing first month thanks to that super romantic holiday? Just an idea.

5. Farmer

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Some towns are so small they can be considered incredibly rural. If that describes the place you call home, why not buy a farm on the outskirts of town? You can operate it and turn it into a thriving small business. You can invite local children to see the animals on school visits and birthday parties. You can run a small farmer’s market on weekend mornings. You can sell fresh veggies and milk to local restaurants and cafes. You’re only limited by your imagination. As a bonus, you can live in the house accompanying the farm.

4. Antique Store Owner

Is there anything more quaint and adorable than an antique store in a small town? You can be that adorable and open your own. People are always looking for cool, vintage, unique and historical finds to decorate their homes. You can make connections with your friends and family and buy everyone’s old junk that they want to give away. You won’t find it old, though – you’ll know that all it needs is a good polish and it’ll be good as new. You can even have sales throughout the year to attract some new customers.

3. Matchmaker


Lots of people in small towns meet in elementary school or high school and get married upon graduation. If you’re not with your high school sweetheart anymore, it can be tough to be single in a small town. So why not start a matchmaking service? You’ll have lots of willing customers since small town people want to meet someone that’s been pre-approved and are more distrusting of strangers than city dwellers. Plus, you’ll offer that personal touch that small town people love.

2. Funeral Home Director

Okay, opening up a funeral home may not be super glamorous, but it’s a practical, logical business option. This could work if your parents left you their home when they moved away themselves, you have some family money, or you have an inheritance to buy your own home to use. Since you grew up in your small town, people will feel much more comfortable dealing with the loss of their loved ones since they’ll know you.

1. Bed and Breakfast Owner

You can’t get a cuter place to stay than a cozy bed and breakfast. What’s more, you can totally save on rent if you buy a house and turn it into a B&B, since you’ll be living in your place of business. This is a great opportunity if you love to bake since B&B owners always have blueberry muffins and other homemade goodies waiting in the kitchen for their guests. If you’re not a culinary whiz at all, don’t worry – you can hire a chef or pass some store-bought baked goods off as homemade (it’s okay, it’s a little white lie). You just need business smarts like knowing how to market yourself and knowing how to get new customers.

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Dying to start a business in the tiny town you live in? Moving back home for a new start and a new career? With these top ten small businesses to start in a small town, you have more than enough options to change your life and career forever.




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