Butts Are In - The Business of Butts

Thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Iggy Azalea, butts are as trendy as it gets! No more skinny butts – more is always better in this day and age.

The perception of beauty has changed greatly in the last few years. Take a look on social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest, and you’ll find people flaunting the booties they would have hidden in 2010!

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Bootylicious Products That Made It Big

With this shift in the perception of beauty, people are going out of their way to get bigger butts – often at exorbitant prices! A surprising number of people have found creative ways to capitalize on the sensation of bigger butts:

  • Booty Pop manufactures foam-padded underwear to give women with smaller butts the chance to have popping curves. Despite the $22-per pair price, sales are up 40% since 2014!
  • Feel Foxy produces padded panties and booty lifters, including bathing suits that start at $40!
  • Meghan Trainor’s video for "All About that Bass" has gained almost 1 billion views on YouTube, propelling the curvy musician to a stardom few could have believed possible before 2010.
  • Booty by Brabants, a fitness class by Kelly Brabant, costs gymgoers $30 per session. Participants perform 120 squats over the 45-minute class, with other exercises thrown in to help "lift" their butt the natural way. She plans to sell $65-leggings to help add a bit of a perk to her students’ butts.
  • DailyBurn experienced a serious increase in audience thanks to their "Butt, Hips, and Thighs" video – nearly doubling traffic in January of 2015 alone!

The Medical Side of Butts 

Brazilian butt lifts cost an average of $6,625, but some doctors will charge up to $13,000! The number of procedures increased by 52% in the last three years, and most doctors receive requests to make their patients’ butts look like those belonging to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and J. Lo. The butt enhancement industry was valued at a staggering $26 billion in 2014, with 10,000 butt lifts being performed in comparison to the 8,200 in 2012 – a 16% increase.

But there is an underbelly to the "butt-boom"! Not everyone can afford the costly cosmetic procedures, so they opt for less-than-legal options that have proven to be unsafe!

According to some doctors, 20% of their butt lifts and procedures are to repair lumps or uneven butt checks, the result of poor quality work. Butt implants are popular, but the complication rate hovers between 10 and 20%.

Some of the "fillers" used around the country can be very harmful. PMMA, for example, is a synthetic fat that is banned, but which people buy in "butt injection kits". Hydrogel can be purchased from hardware stores (at an exorbitant rate of up to $500 per ml – with 200 ml necessary for the injection), and is injected into the butt, despite its very high complication rate.

People have even died! Back in 2011, an aspiring dancer named Claudia Aderotimi died from a pulmonary embolism. The cause: industrial-grade silicone injected into her butt. In 2004, a woman had to have both arms and legs amputated to save her life after complications.

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While the industry of butts can be lucrative, there is also a downside to the popularity of big booties. Not only are people spending fortunes on unnecessary cosmetic procedures, but they are putting their lives in danger – all so they can appeal to the mainstream idea of what it means to be "attractive".

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