Cameron to Prevent Migrants From Sending Benefits Home

Jan Bury, leader of Poland’s junior coalition party PSL urged Poles to boycott Tesco stores – in retaliation for British Prime Minister David Cameron’s remarks about Polish migrants pocketing British welfare payments and sending them back home.  Mr Cameron has urged a revision on payments of British social benefits to EU migrants who live in the UK but whose families remain in their home countries. In doing so, he specifically pointed to Poles, now one of the largest migrant communities in the UK, saying: “I don’t think we should be paying child benefit to their family back at home in Poland”.

Cameron Aims to Change the EU Rules on Welfare

The British Prime Minister actively seeks for changing the EU rules on welfare before the end of 2017 when the referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU will take place.

According to a Downing Street spokesman “On EU free movement, the prime minister made clear his longstanding view, reiterated in recent days, that the lack of transitional controls for new EU member states in 2004 was the wrong approach and had put pressure on local communities, and that we need to address the impact on countries’ benefits systems, including for example paying child benefit to families living abroad”.

On the other side, Donald Tusk, the Polish Prime Minister, said he would veto any attempt by Cameron to change EU laws on the issue. He added: "No one has the right to single out Poles as a special group that is abusing or taking advantage."

Are British Becoming an Endangered Species?

The issue in question is not about picking on Polish or any other migrant communities living and working in the UK. The real problem is that the influx of migrant workers - especially from Eastern European countries - working in the UK will make British workers a minority in their own country. According to research done by Polityka Insight, a Polish think tank, about 700,000 Poles are thought to live in Britain, with hundreds of thousands more working temporarily. That compares to only 69,000 living there before Poland’s 2004 EU accession. Considering this sky-high increase, would you blame Cameron for wanting to amend the EU free movement directive?   

Migrants’ Practice of Sending Their Child Benefit Home is Unfair to British

Doesn’t it worry anyone that somebody from another country can come in the UK and claim benefits after three months, without paying any contributions. Now we see that they don’t even have to live here and they can claim benefits or it’s paid to them because a family member is working here.

Have you ever wondered why should Polish or any other nationals claim for child benefit when their children don’t even live in the UK? It would be a different matter if they were born and raised in the UK because they would have contributed to the local economy for a long time as British citizens. In the end, it is the British taxpayer who finances their benefits. Isn’t it wrong to send British taxpayers’ money abroad when the country needs every penny to support its own unemployed and low paid population?

The practice of paying child benefits to children not even living in Britain is provocative and unfair to the British tax payer. The question is will foreign workers contribute substantially to the British economy as British workers do or just make the most of the benefits and freebies available to them?





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