Can Our Thoughts Effect Physical Matter?

The human brain is a truly amazing thing! Science understands only a fraction of what the brain is capable of, and there is so much that has yet to be discovered.

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People often talk about "mind over matter"--how the brain is much stronger than the body. But can our thoughts have a greater effect than we really know? How much can you accomplish with just the power of your mind?

Heads or Tails?

In one study conducted at Princeton University, a machine was set to flip a coin. The coin landed on heads about 50% of the time and tails roughly 50% of the time--the law of averages at work.

But then the researchers placed a human close to the machine. They had the person focus on a desired outcome (either heads or tails), and this intense desire somehow skewed the odds in favor of the desired outcome.

Astronaut or Leopard?

In another set of studies conducted at Princeton, a group of 300 people were shown two pictures: one of an astronaut, and one of a leopard. Each picture was projected onto the screen and faded away at random intervals to be replaced by the other.

When asked, the audience said that they preferred the picture of the astronaut over the leopard. They were then instructed to concentrate on the pictures, and wanting to see only the astronaut. After a few minutes of concentrating, the astronaut picture appeared and remained on the screen. The screen never changed to the leopard picture once the audience concentrated on wanting only to see the astronaut picture.

Mind over Ice

In a study conducted by Dr. Masura Emoto, it was discovered that intentions could affect the formation of ice crystals.

2,000 Tokyo residents were brought into the study, which involved focusing positive intentions on water samples--all located inside a sealed room in California. Other water samples were set in other places as the control group.

All of the water samples were turned into ice, but oddly enough, only the water samples in California formed into specific shapes. These shapes were ONLY present in the water samples that the Japanese participants were focusing on.

How Does it Work?

According to some, it’s believed that the mind is able to generate electrical fields and electric wave patterns to affect specific outcomes. Remember that thoughts, feelings, and brain waves are nothing more than an electrical current running between the cells of your brain.

When you form a thought, you are forming a new electric current or wave. You are generating energy, which you send out into the electrically-charged world around you. This energy may be able to affect the energy in the world, which could lead to the "mind over matter" phenomenon that has been a subject of much debate.

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Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Perhaps the genius inventor was closer to the truth than even he knew!

Do you think that you could change the physical world with just the power of your brain? Your thoughts and comments below please...