Can You Find Your Next Boss in a Bar?

Bars have always been the ideal place to unwind and de-stress for all those who prefer a sparkling lifestyle. At times there is nothing better than sitting with a glass of beer and letting go of all inhibitions once in a while. Thus, it is apparent that one may also find a lot of business executives, including from the top management, popping the bottle at their favourite watering holes.

It is then not difficult to understand that a lot of people who are equally effervescent and love to spend a considerable amount of time at their favourite bars, finding their next job could be as easy as it can get. And if one happens to share these bars with the top executives from the company offering their dream job, there is no better opportunity to lift their spirits and network at the same time.

To think about it, one does go into a bar and try to pickup a hot date for the evening. One flirts, sweet talks, engages in casual banter and much more, just to be able to land that one perfect partner. So does one require any special skills or strategies apart from the earlier mentioned, to land that perfect job?

The answer ought to be, No!

Reading through to find the best business bars in USA, spread across LA, Atlanta, Seattle, D.C and three other locations, it gives us an indication of what bars most of the top guns spend their casual as well as business hours in. may have just published a list of top bars for executives, however, it sure is a great list of places to unwind and yet, search for the next job.

The next question that one may ponder is pretty straight forward; how can anyone hunt down a job in a bar? To answer that, one needs to ask themselves one question first. Does everyone think so much when practicing those cheeky pick-up lines for someone special, whom they hope to find on a fun evening at a bar?

The answer, yet again, ought to be, No!

So, why sweat out so much at the prospect of using some innovative pickup lines for a prospective boss? A job hunter ought to remember that, unlike an office environment, any executive with whom they hope to strike a conversation with at a bar would have his guard down. He or she would be relaxed, comfortable and more open to talk about any topic under the sun, especially if a couple of glasses have already been emptied.

Just practise those perfect introduction lines, introduce the right topics to keep the conversation going and ensure that you always remain sober. You don’t want to lose control of yourself here, do you?

The answer, as expected, No!

But, hey like any first conversation, you don’t want to sound desperate to land up that job. Maybe, not even talk about jobs at all. Remember, the purpose of the entire conversation should be to build a solid reputation and respect for each other. You have to keep an eye for the right moment, probably after bumping into each other a couple of times, to casually slip-in that you are currently on a look out for a job.

If you have courted the executive wisely, you are sure to find yourself with an interview as well as the job within no time. If not, then probably something was not executed as expected. Should one give up?

The answer, again, is No!

Move on to the next executive one may wish to impress; however do not stop networking with the executive courted earlier and do learn from the errors in the strategy used.  With hundreds of watering hole options available, it is ideally one of the best places to find the next boss and land up a job. If only one has the ability to go the distance. hic… hic… Yeah!




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