Can You Seduce Your Way To The Top?

Why is seduction considered to be dishonest?  Because most people feel that seduction is used as a tool for manipulation. Another element is that it’s not a fair playing field, some people are more attractive than others and they use that attractiveness, when not everyone has the ability to use that tool. Chen Lizra a very attractive lady with a low plunging blouse intends to change your mind about the negative sexualized nature and why people misunderstand seduction.  

The speaker in the video above claims that seduction is a tool; an asset to be used freely to achieve your goals. She draws parallels between charisma, likeability, confidence and seduction. Further she says that seduction has a negative connotation due to that fact that it has been sexualized. Even so she starts her talk with a pretty sexualized dance that leaves the poor stage hand awkwardly stuttering and clawing his pockets gracelessly for the slide-show clicker.  

Throughout the video, even though her argument is that seduction can be used outside a sexual context, she uses body language heavily. She uses it to punctuate, provoke and even incite laughter amongst the audience. Chen Lizra references heavily the observations she has made during her frequent visits to Cuba, a place she proclaims as a “Seduction Laboratory”.

The four columns that define seduction according to the presentation are: Desire, confidence, arousal and building a connection. Desire is simple enough to define; it’s an intense feeling of need. She ascertains it is knowing what you want and pursuing it. Wrong. It’s the feeling of need, not the feeling of need followed by pursuit of said need. Confidence is the next asset she mentions. A positive body image is essential for a seducer.

The speaker says that the reason people have so much confidence is because there a complete vacuum of western advertisement and media to create negative body standards. Thus all people of all body types embrace what they are and are confident. Eh, I’m not really sure that is the only reason, there is a cultural element to body image also.

Finally she speaks about arousal and building a connection. According to the presentation, to get what you want from the person you’re manipulating, I mean secuding, you need to raise their feeling of desire.

Does it work? You be the judge. I just wrote an entire article with counterpoints to Chen Lizra’s argument and you have seen the video. What side do you stand on: seduced or seducer? Let me know in the comment section below. 




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