Can Your Face Shape Really Determine Your Career Success?

According to an intriguing article published by Huffington Post, the shape of your face can actually influence the level of success you will achieve in your life. Why? Well, it is all down to perceptions and the psychology of the mind of course, and with the workplace being a typical breeding ground for psychological warfare, it is unsurprising that something such as ‘face-shape’ can have such a profound effect on one’s career. This article will take a deeper look into how one’s facial shape can really shape their future!

Beauty is in the eye of the employer...

We know that in this day and age, looks count to a certain extent; it’s just that the extent to which looks count has increased considerably over the last few years. Long gone are the days when an intelligent mind would get your foot in the door and straight up the career ladder. Now, employers want intelligent employees who also have a certain ‘attractiveness’ that will work in their favour when it comes to client facing positions and negotiations. And with the current marketplace being as competitive as it is, a good looking, intelligent candidate is not hard to come by, which makes the job hunting process for many, very difficult indeed.

Research shows surprising results for wide faced professionals

A study carried out by the University of California, Riverside, London Business School and Columbia University found that having a wider face, and being considered ‘attractive’, worked in an employee’s favour when it came to negotiating a deal.  What’s more, attractive men with wider faces who took part in the study were the most capable of negotiating a higher signing bonus when put in such a scenario.

A striking finding is that men with wider shaped faces were more likely to be in charge of running financially profitable and top performing firms than their slimmer faced counterparts. Famous ‘wide-faced’ company CEOs include: Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, and Herb Kelleher, Co-founder of Southwest Airlines.

Research carried out by the Elaine Wong at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee confirmed that CEOs with wide faces “lead their companies to better financial performance than CEOs whose faces are skinnier”.  This is believed to be due to a high level of testosterone in men with wider faces, which in turn allowed them to be more aggressive and dominant in the workplace.

Chinese wisdom backs up wide-face success theory

According to, Chinese wisdom states that a wide forehead means that you are ‘clever and practical’ while a square (wide) face shape means that your character is “aggressive, dominating and highly ambitious”. This backs up the research findings and confirms that individuals with wider features do tend to have more success and leadership in the workplace arena.

Whether you have a wide face or not, the art of clever negotiation and advanced communication skills are something that, with practise and training, can be acquired over time. So, don’t be downhearted if you are reading this and looking in the mirror to realise your face isn’t quite as wide as good old Jeff Immelt’s. It simply means that you may have to assert yourself more in the workplace and be more aware of the competition you could face form wider-faced colleagues!

Image source: onwardstate

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