Can Your Personality Type Determine Your Salary? [Infographic]

Apparently, your personality type can tell how much money you are going to make in the near future. If you think about the fact that personality tests can determine your dream career, then your personality type can also help you determine the salary you would normally get out from that career. Although it won’t be able to provide you with the exact salary figure, it can help you predict your average earnings depending on the career the suits your personality.

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This infographic provided by the Career Assessment Site helps you identify your average household income based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Also, it helps you become more self-aware by presenting you with the strengths and weaknesses that describe your personality type.

Key takeaways

  • 60% of men are thinkers whereas 65% of women are feelers.
  • The highest earning type is ENTJ, ‘The Director’ with an average household income of $83,000.
  • The lowest earning type is INFP, ‘The Helper’ with an average household income of $60,000.
  • 46.4% of people are Patriarchs, 27% Originators, 16.4% Optimists, and 10.3% Pragmatists.

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Take a look at this infographic to get more information on your own personality type and discover your future salary!