How to Capitalize on Workplace Relationships

Everyone has an array of experiences when it comes to relationships with their workplace colleagues. Workers have dealt with manipulative, rude and vicious colleagues, while other professionals have shared office space with friendly, dedicated and supportive employees.

Workplace relationships don’t have to be viewed as cliques or as time killers, but rather a setting that can circumvent isolation, make the eight-hour shift seem like a happier time and to learn from other professionals. These types of relationships can also benefit one’s career by creating a greater business network.

Although timid introverts may think of office friendships as nothing more than a disingenuous relationship, it’s best to maintain some sort of association with others in the same boat as you. Of course, you don’t have to be around your colleagues for several hours after work, but being cordial between nine and five is the best course to take.

Here are five ways to capitalize on workplace relationships and to enhance your network:

Learning from veterans

In any industry, there will always be a phalanx of veterans that have an abundance of knowledge related to the field. This is why every worker should listen to veterans because they’re the ones with the answers to any conceivable problem. By building a genuine relationship with a longtime employee – not one that is meant just to attain their experience – you can gain an extra footing by understanding how certain elements work.

Connecting with youth

Whether it’s in engineering, fashion or journalism, it’s likely that a young professional will stay in their respective field for the remainder of their working life. This is why it’s crucial to stay in touch with other young people because you can obtain other connections, learn about new positions and find out insider secrets of the business.

Solving feelings of moroseness

If the job ever gets you down or management is applying too much pressure in your department, having a friendship with a few of the office workers can remedy the feelings of depression that can come with a dissatisfied occupation. Office relationships can offer support and a reprieve from the monotony of the job at hand. The workplace doesn’t have to be a toxic environment.

Tips for the office

When you start a company there will be employees who have worked there a couple of years more than you. Therefore, they’re likely to know some of the tips to keep management happy, make the job easier and stay employed with the firm. It’s important to ask, though, if there are any tips and tricks to performing day-to-day tasks and if there is anything you need to look out for.

Advancement within the company or industry

Let’s face it: the more allies you have then the better opportunities you’ll be afforded. If there’s a senior position available or a promotion floating around then your colleagues will probably encourage you to accept or apply for it. Also, workplace affiliations can be superb references for other jobs since they can attest to your dedication, hard work and professionalism.

Some people dread the idea of workplace relationships, while others can’t live without it. There is a happy medium, and most professionals accept this – not everyone wants to think about work after work, which is usually what fellow colleagues talk about during off-hours. It’s important to capitalize on workplace relationships if you wish to succeed in your career.

How do you deal with workplace relationships? Let us know in the comment section!


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