Career Advice From Classic Harold Ramis Movies

Comedy legend Harold Ramis died this week at the age of 69 following a lengthy battle with auto-immune disease vasculitis. Responsible for many classic comedies, those who knew and worked with Ramis will undoubtedly mourn his passing for a long time, as will his many fans. Let's take a look at some of Ramis's most famous films and what career advice you can pull from them!

Groundhog Day: Be Kind

Ramis directed the comedy classic, in which jerky weatherman Bill Murray must repeat the same day (um, Groundhog Day) over and over until he becomes a better man. Murray is rude to his colleagues and pretty much everyone else around him, but eventually learns the value of kindness.

Overcoming obstacles is much easier when you work as a team rather than going at it alone, plus you'll enjoy a much more pleasant office environment. Besides, do you really want everyone rolling their eyes and groaning when they see you? Be kind to your fellow employees and treat them the way you want to be treated. It never hurts to do so. Ever.

Ghostbusters: Don't Give Up

Co-written by Ramis, Ghostbusters tells the tale of three unemployed parapsychologists who create a "ghost removal" business following an encounter with a dead librarian. While business is non-existent and funds are dwindling at first, the trio remain dedicated to their idea, and eventually become New York City heros after ridding the town of assorted nasty ghosts. Business continues to boom, however success would have certainly eluded the men if they had given up.

The bottom line? If you know you have a great idea, go for it. Ignore those who dismiss it--they're just mad they didn't think of it first! It may sound trite, but any successful person will tell you they stayed true to their goals, ambitions and ideas. Keep going. It will pay off!

Back to School: Go Back If Necessary!

Another comedy co-written by Ramis, Back to School follows the adventures of Rodney Dangerfield's Thorton Melon, a successful businessman who doesn't even have a high school diploma. After learning his son wants to drop out of college, Melon says he'll attend the university with him if the boy agrees to stay. Melon subsequently bribes his way in and assorted craziness ensues.

While no one is saying you should bribe your way into college, the idea of going back or taking classes to help your career chances is always a good thing. Whatever the reason, going back to school is definitely going to help your resume!

Baby Boom: The Unexpected Can Equal An Amazing Career Opportunity

A rare "acting only" gig for Ramis, Baby Boom concerns the life of high-powered career woman Diane Keaton who suddenly inherits a toddler following the death of her cousin. Caring for the child eventually causes Keaton to lose her job and her boyfriend (Ramis), however her near-nervous breakdown results in an revelation. Keaton's character begins selling the baby food she made from fresh ingredients for her adopted child, and creates a whole new successful enterprise, 'Country Baby.'

Yes, life is always going to throw proverbial curveballs, however inspiration and other strokes of genius often come when things appear the most grim. If Keaton's character had never adopted the toddler, she never would have lost her job, but also wouldn't have developed her own successful company. Bad things are going to happen--that's just life--but how you deal with them and what you do with them is what counts!

Ramis was a comedy icon who paved the way for today's most successful comedians. May he rest in peace.




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