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Women are just as capable as men in any role and Sue McGready proves it! Sue McGready, a strong, career driven woman, with a senior position in the military, discerns her career advice. She tells us that no role is too masculine for a woman, and brings us the wisdom that ensured her success.

Be comfortable with responsibility

Sue McGready is the senior most women in the Australian Defense Forces. Group Captain of logistics and supply, she deals with a wide range of responsibilities; from feeding the troops to buying and loading the aircraft, and even manages all supplies to and from the Middle East.

Lesson one; if you want to be successful, you can't shy away from responsibility.

Find out what your real dream is

Speaking recently with women's agenda, Sue advises young hopefuls not to be dazzled by the lights, and not to waste time chasing down that “sexy job”. Instead she recommends finding out what one really wants, and chasing down a career that matches one’s true talents. She also mentions that no role is too “masculine” for a woman, prompting us to bridge the gap in our perceptions between roles which are suitable for men, and women.

Lesson two; find out what one’s own dream is, and follow it.

Keep options open

The aspiring Group Captain says one of the keys to her success is a result of keeping her options open, always having three or four on the table. This has allowed her a robust career, and if one opportunity doesn't turn out quite right, there are always more. She teaches this to her staff, encouraging them to think in “career trees”, showing how different jobs open up new branches.

Lesson three; Three or four options is better than one.

Make Deliberate Decisions

McGready says she has made all of her decisions deliberately by assessing the opportunities available. She analyses whether she will enjoy the job, whether it provides new options, and what alternatives exist. She also talks to mentors to help her assess everything properly. If you don't have a mentor, a friend or family member will work as well.

Lesson four; Take control, and choose carefully.

Keep a strong network

Keeping a good support network has helped McGready both within her career, and outside of it. She recommends keeping a good network in work, and at home. Focusing on a career, and being an individual, does not mean trying to go solo.

Lesson five; Support is crucial.

McGready career advice culminates for her by keeping her options open, keeping a strong network around her, making her decisions consciously and with her true interests at heart, and her ability to take on responsibility, is shown in her respective success.

Not only has Sue McGready taught us that no role is too masculine for a woman; she has taught us some valuable career lessons that everyone, women and men, can apply to their lives.

Thanks for that Captain!



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