Lucrative Career Opportunities in Radiology

radiologic sciences infographic Adventist University of Health Sciences

Radiology is the use of radiation technology for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Many radiologists are experts with medical imaging equipment such as X-ray machines, ultrasound and computed tomography. It is a rapidly evolving field of medicine, with lucrative job opportunities in healthcare, healthcare management, medical health informatics and radiologic equipment sales.

To give you an edge and to advance in this career path, it is recommended to pursue a bachelor's degree first in either human anatomy or radiologic sciences. The starting salary for a technologist is $44,000 and rises to $58,000 for non-entry level positions. With a speciality in nuclear medicine, the salary increases significantly to over $69,000.

Radiology managers assume the role as the head of a department. For this job, students don’t have to study radiology, but they must have a bachelor or master's degree in either healthcare management or business. A manager’s take home pay is over $77,000.

Radiology instructors must have a bachelor's degree, master's degree or PhD in radiology to be able to teach upcoming radiologic technologists and assistants. With average salaries starting at over $122,000, it is quite a desirable position.

Radiology technician jobs are on the rise with a projected increase of nine percent between now and 2024. A technician is responsible for taking x-rays and providing the medical information to doctors and insurance companies for review. The average salary for technicians is around $58,000. Some candidates can obtain a job with a certificate while others may need a bachelor's degree.

Radiologic equipment sales managers receive an average salary of over $202,000 and other benefits for ensuring companies that manufacture radiologic equipment make impressive sales and profits.

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