Career Options for Reading Buffs

Reading a book

Reading is a favorite past-time for many people all over the world. There are numerous career possibilities for people who are passionate about books and literature. Here are some of the career opportunities worth considering.

1. Writer

This is one of the best career options for people who love to read. You can choose from any of the following genres:

  • Business writing - Writing undertaken on behalf of a business
  • Copywriting - Writing with the intention of promoting or marketing a product or service
  • Critical writing - Writing with the intention of interpreting or analyzing something
  • Essay/Non-fiction writing – Writing anecdotes and memoirs with the aim of persuading or simply educating readers
  • Fiction writing – Writing imaginary stories
  • Ghostwriting - Writing a piece on behalf of someone else, and allowing them to take the credit for it
  • Grant/Proposal Writing -Writing content for a funding proposal
  • Journalistic writing - Writing for magazines and newspapers
  • Poetry writing - Writingcreative pieces
  • Script Writing - Writing scripts for plays, movies, spoken word or recording
  • Speechwriting - Writing for spoken word in a non-performance setting for a live audience
  • Technical writing - Writing content to relay information in a specialized field
  • Resume writing -A resume writer works with job seekers to create cover letters, resumes and other materials which will help them find jobs
  • Academic writing -This involves writing academic papers, mainly for college students
  • Web writing – Creating content for blogs and websites

2. Editor

If you have a keen attention to detail, you could consider pursuing a career as an editor. This job involves reading text and making the necessary modifications before the piece is published. As an editor, you can work for publishing firms, newspapers as well as magazines. In addition, you can offer freelance editing services to online publications and individual clients. To enhance your chances of success in this career, you could consider acquiring a certification in creative writing or English.

3. Desktop publisher

If you have some graphic design skills, a desktop publishing career would be ideal for you. You could offer your services as a freelancer to individuals or businesses, or find an in-house job in a company. Being a desktop publisher requires proficiency in software such as Serif, InDesign, Scribus, Microsoft Publisher and QuarkXPress.

4. Librarian

To be a librarian, you will need to have skills in organizing large volumes of resources. In addition, you will need to stay updated on the latest publishing trends, as well as the best information technology for managing a library. Before getting started in this career, you will need an undergraduate or masters degree in library and information sciences.

5. Teacher

Being a teacher offers you a great opportunity to share your love for books with others. Whether you are interested in math, history, art or social sciences, you can translate your passion for reading into a teaching career. To succeed in this career, it would be advisable to get a teaching-related certification.  

These are just a few of the career opportunities available for lovers of books. If you are more ambitious, you could also consider starting your own independent online bookstore. You can get ideas from retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Flipkart, Booktopia and Abe Books.




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