Essential Career Resources for Every Professional

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Career development is demanding because it requires a lot of determination and focus. This is especially true now that technology is constantly advancing. These advances are reshaping the professional world and experts anticipate that in twenty years the professional landscape will be completely different. It’s important for individuals who want to achieve their career goals to stay up to date with these changes and the most effective way to do that and remain ahead of the competition is by utilising the resources at your disposal.

Learning and training

A professional in search of success must continually educate themselves and improve their skillset. Sadly,  many individuals fail to understand that lifelong learning is crucial whether you are just trying to stay employed or get a promotion at work.

Choosing a company that has the resources to provide continuous training for its employees is always advisable as organisations that offer these opportunities value their employees, and you’ll also get a chance to advance your skills.

Apart from training, it’s important to actively look for continuous education opportunities. If you have time restrictions that don’t allow you to be physically present or to take up a demanding postgraduate degree, you can try distance learning and online courses as they are a great - cost-effective - career resource.

Online courses

  • OpenLearn: The Open University’s online learning resource, OpenLearn has a great pool of online free courses. From short articles to webinars and podcasts, there’s literally something to satisfy your learning needs at all stages.
  • Alison: With over one million people certified and over eight hundred courses available, Alison is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the online course sector. The courses are available 24/7 and you can access them on any device meaning you could be improving your skillset while commuting to work.
  • Udemy: One of the biggest online learning platforms, Udemy offers more than 45,000 courses and boasts over 15 million students. Udemy offers courses on nearly anything you can think of, and their course database is regularly updated which means that you can update your skillset as new trends surface in your sector.


  • Evisors: Evisors offers some of the best career-related webinars. They offer webinars in many industries, e.g.,. finance, marketing, consulting and entrepreneurship, while they also have many resources for jobseekers as well. Their webinars are conducted by industry insiders, which means that there’s always depth to the information they provide.
  • Position Ignition: Position Ignition specialises in helping professionals change careers and grow professionally. Their webinars offer insightful and valuable advice on how to take your career to the next level.
  • TED Talks: Although not webinars per se, TED Talks can definitely be seen as seminars that can help you develop and grow your skills. What’s great about TED talks is that they are short and highly motivational.

Career websites

If you’ve ever typed an interview question in Google you’ve probably ended up on a career website which not only helped you prepare for an interview but also helped you identify thousands of other potential interview questions.

These websites remain a fantastic career resource as they provide jobseekers and professionals with information about almost everything even remotely related to their career. From helping you prepare for a job interview to identifying strategies on how to deal with annoying colleagues, career websites are a practical resource that can bring you closer to your aspirations.

As more and more people are beginning to trust them, these websites have developed into comprehensive career services offering job boards, cv building services and aptitude tests.

Best websites for jobseekers

  • Indeed: Indeed is the largest website for jobseekers in the world. With over 200 million unique visitors every month, Indeed is continuing to expand and it now has a presence in over 60 countries. You can find a job by simply adding your sector or specific profession and the city you are interested in working in.
  • Reed: Reed is the largest job search website in the UK. With a unique mission - to help people fall in love with Mondays - and more than 7 million visitors every month it’s not hard to understand why everyone trusts Reed with their professional aspirations.
  • Universal JobMatch: The official government job search website, Universal JobMatch is one of the biggest job boards in Europe. Apart from helping you get jobs in the UK and Europe, an account with this website will also allow you to access their cv building service and upload your CV to get found by hiring managers and recruiters.

Best websites for networking

  • Linkedin: Although Linkedin has now developed into a comprehensive website, it remains the biggest professional network in the world. Its possibilities for professionals are endless, and a strong profile is guaranteed to help you stand out from the competition.
  • Xing: Xing brands itself as the European answer to Linkedin. Counting more than 14 million users, Xing is a wonderful tool for connecting with professionals abroad, especially in Germany.

Check out these ten alternatives to Linkedin to connect with more professionals in your sector.

Best career advice websites

  • Monster: Monster is one of the most credible sites out there. There’s information available about basically every aspect of your development e.g., how to negotiate salaries, interview tips and cv building information.
  • Prospects: Prospects is the number one destination for millions of graduates who need help with getting started in the professional world. From matching your skills and personality to a profession to helping you find the right postgraduate course for you, Prospects can help you grow your career from day one.

Career tools

Career tools are your guide to making decisions, and by using them effectively you’ll be able to not only uncover your true potential but also meet your goals.

What makes this type of career resource different to anything else on this list is that these tools will generate results that are specific to you. This means that rather than being on the receiving end of information, you’ll be able to actively take part in a result that will shape your professional future.

From tests to cv building services, it’s important to understand that career tools can help you find what makes you different in the workforce and how to use that to rise above the competition.

Career Hunter: Career Hunter is our very own comprehensive career test that is designed to help reveal your interests and personality traits. Through a series of tests, the user gets matched to three professions which not only help you make smarter decisions about your degree, but can also help you identify your passions and professional interests at all stages of your life.

Career Plan: Building a well-structured action plan is a necessary step for all professionals who aspire to make a name for themselves in their sector. To make your plan as effective as possible, you need to start by carefully setting goals that are important to you by taking into account any variables that matter to you.

Identifying the right career resources can facilitate your progress in the professional world. However, remember that determination is the key ingredient to any recipe for professional success.

What career resources do you use? Let me know in the comment section below.