Career Resurrections - 'Back From the Dead'

back from the dead

If BBC’s Sherlock is anything to go by, then there really is nothing that will stand in the way of a spectacular return. The finale of series three recently came to an end, and just as Sherlock had dealt with his most recent arch-enemy, the blackmailing Charles Augustus Magnussen, an old foe reappeared, James Moriarty. The return of the psychopathic Moriarty will have viewers speculating for the two years wait that must be endured between each series, so for now, let’s take a look at some similar miraculous resurrections that took place in real ife.

Ben Affleck

The actor/director has had a career with many trajectories. Affleck received worldwide recognition as a writer when he won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting, but soon lost his well earned accolades after dismal and simplistic performances in a number of high-budget box office chasers. Just as it looked as though Affleck would never receive any artistic acclaim again, he surprised everyone with a technically gifted execution when he directed the hugely successful Argo. Critics await Affleck’s next directorial to see if this remarkable rise can continue.

 Oprah Winfrey

The success of Oprah is widely publicized - CNN state that she is ‘arguably the world’s most powerful woman’. However, it took an unlikely resurrection early on in her career to begin her meteoric rise to stardom. Oprah always showed promise in her early life and found her first on-air radio job at aged just 17. She quickly rose to be a television news anchor and then a co-anchor for a peak time news programme at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. Oprah was then fired from this position after management noted that she often mispronounced many of her words. Oprah was offered a position on the channel’s lowest ranking talk show as a last resort. This provided a platform for Oprah and she took each radio show she worked on to the top of their respective ranking charts before making a worldwide name for herself.

Steve Jobs

It wasn’t always plane-sailing for Apple’s innovative genius. Jobs co-founded Apple aged 21 and was a millionaire by 23. Unfortunately, his success was halted by a thunderous backlash from within his very own company. Following complaints that Jobs was too demanding of his employees, he was subsequently demoted by the man he had appointed as his CEO, John Sculley. After a few months in the wilderness, Jobs founded another company called NeXT, which would later be absorbed by the then-struggling Apple corporation thus returning Jobs to the company he helped create. Appointing himself CEO, Jobs guided Apple to become the corporate giant that it is today.

David Beckham

He is now a man of many talents and accolades, but there was once a time when Beckham was despised by his fellow countrymen. As one of the stars of world football, Beckham was the first name on the England team sheet when they played Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. The match was highly competitive and England were looking favourable until Beckham lashed out at an opposition player and subsequently sent off. England chances dropped significantly and Argentina went on to win the match. Beckham was labelled the reason for England’s exit, and he was widely booed, threatened and ridiculed throughout the country. His career looked in the balance and the country’s forgiveness looked very unlikely. Beckham played through the hate that was directed at him and went on to score the winning free-kick three years later that meant England qualified the following World Cup. He is now considered one of the best player’s to have ever played the game and admired for his charity work and fashion ventures.

These celebrities proved that they had the talent and determination to overcome any obstacles or pressure they were faced with - proving that it’s not only James Moriarty who can ’come back from the dead’ stronger than ever.