Career Secrets You Don’t Learn in School

We learn a lot of things in school, however, most of our career lessons are only learned with the right experience during our adult life as professionals.

Millennials, we all aspire to be successful in both our personal and professional lives. According to a recent survey by WorkplaceTrends, 91% of millennials aim to become leaders, but, they all lack the most important thing: experience.

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Even though Generetion Y is by far the most educated group of young adults in history, their weakest skill is industry experience. So, if you want to climb to the top and not let this hold you back just read the following secrets to career success we don’t learn in school.

1. Be Emotionally Intelligent

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No one teaches you how to be emotionally intelligent in college. If you want to be emotionally intelligent you need to be able to read a room and recognize someone else’s emotions because if you aren’t able to do this it could lead to awkward interactions or maybe come off as unprofessional.

If you want to do this you need to learn by observing. Watch the encounters between your coworkers and boss and pick up signs from them such us their body language or tone of voice. Eventually, you will be able to use these skills and improve your EQ for career success.

2. Be Personable not Personal

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I get it, you want to connect with the people you work with by taking interest in their personal lives. But, be careful not to overdo it: sometimes you can share too much information. You need to be friendly but you also need to keep it professional.

The best thing would be to avoid hot topics such as politics, religion and sex or avoid talking about your drunken escapades; these only make people feel uncomfortable.

3. Learn to Manage Up

happy boss

Having a healthy relationship with your superiors will always be beneficial for both parties. Try to learn all about your manager’s values - personal and professional. What are they trying to accomplish? Do your best to contribute to these goals by finding ways to make their job easier and they will appreciate it in the long run.

4. Plan Ahead

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It’s always important to plan ahead and keep track of your current role. By always having that important goal in the back of your head, you are also making sure to set yourself up for the next big job you want.

Don’t forget that this is your career and, therefore, you need to manage it. Where do you see yourself in the future? Make sure you know what your goals are and have a clear plan to achieve them.

But, you are not alone in this. You also have to be able to communicate your goals to others because if you cannot do that then how are you going to secure that leadership position you want so much?

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Achieving your goals is hard but not impossible; you just need to work extra-hard for it.

Can you think of anything else you weren’t taught in school? Let us know below…




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