Career Tips From the Movie “Divergent”

Probably, in the case of “Divergent”, most of us went to the theatres to see another sci-fi action movie and have a good time watching beautiful people in the possible future world. No one expected such an emphasis on the career problems and on the question “Who am I?”.  

Although, the movie “Divergent” has many unrealistic elements and its sci-fi plot is a bit predictable and banal, the movie hides a very topical career question. The movie-makers gave us the slogan-question “Do you have what it takes?” which is actually asked by many people who choose their path in life. Beneath all the sci-fi elements, the movie hides some very good life and career lessons.

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What lessons Does “Divergent” teach you?

  • Homeless people are still people

In the movie, there is a clear emphasis on the well-balanced society system where everyone has a place. Even those poor people, who couldn’t find themselves, are united into a special group of outcasts. Policemen don’t touch them, and people from other fractions don’t fear them. On the contrary, there are volunteers that help these outcasts by feeding them, organizing sleeping places and aid stations. If a person failed to choose a certain social role, you shouldn’t blame him.

  • All professions are important

A well-balanced society unites people of all professions. If everyone worked as a lawyer, banker or programmer, who would fix electronics or collect refuse? “Divergent” teaches to respect people of all professions, even not the very prestigious ones. When we hear that a person owns several businesses, we automatically start treating him with respect. However, when we come near a dairyman or a plumber, for example, our brains immediately give them a loser badge. It shouldn’t be that way.    

  • The right choice of profession doesn’t guarantee that it will be easy

Even if you have a talent for something, you will still have to go through a lot to achieve success. The main heroine of “Divergent” encountered a lot of challenging situations even though she joined “the brave” group. The movie showed how hard you need to work on the way to your goals.

  • You can always start with a clean slate

Beatrice, one of the main characters, decides to change her name to Tris once she joins her new group. When you enter a new group of people, you are not judged by your past, so you can start a new life. You can get a new name and feel like a whole different person. That can help to deal with many problems. 

  • Passion is more important than your natural abilities

Choosing between passion and your natural talent for something, there is reason in choosing passion. Maybe, you are similar to Tris who is equally good in several things, but truly enjoys only one. The tests show that she would be suitable for many fractions, but at the last moment she chooses the brave one. She feels like it is the right thing to do.

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I’d recommend this movie not only to teenagers and to students who are at the beginning of their path, but also to those who feel they’ve chosen the wrong way in life. If you just want a bit of fun it can be good as well!

Do you think there are other career lessons that can be gleaned from divergent? Let us know below...





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