Celebrities Enjoy Sport When Not at Work!

Next time you see the impresive bodies of famous actresses, singers and models, you rest assured that their stunning figures are less to do with lukcy genetics, and more to do with spending hours at the gym or playing sports in their free time. Some say that  "To be beautiful you must suffer", well this statement appears to be truer than we originally thought. Many celebs are taking to social media platforms such as Instagram to upload photos of their bodies and show off their hard work and training.  is absolutely true. In their free time after work they spend hours in the gym working out their bodies. Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio are just some of the celebs who are proving that hard work really does pay off ... Check it out here!

1. Alexa Chung: a pose or reality?

We’ve seen her learning how to use a long board, on a mountain bike, and in a diving suit (as in the picture) - all clues as to how she achieves her impressive body.

2. Bar Refaeli opts for military training

The model Bar Refaeli defends swashbuckling good eating: "I’ll never do an impossible diet or eat strange things to be thinner, its simply not good for your body." Ever heard of the TRX? It is a suspension training, created by the U.S. Army, which can train the whole body. You wanted to know the secret of Bar’s body? Well, now you know ... Would you dare to try it though?

3. Lady Gaga goes to Bikram Yoga

The Bikram Yoga is a form of yoga that emerged in the 70s in the United States. Many celebrities practice it, including Demi Moore, David Beckham and George Clooney, but Madonna and Lady Gaga are their top defenders. In fact, the practice is so addictive for Lady Gaga, she asked for the Madrid center to be closed while she received a particular session before a concert in the capital. Benefits of being a music star ...

4. Miranda Kerr, genetics help

Miranda Kerr, more than genetics? To have a great body like Miranda Kerr, it’s not enough to have good genes. She admits to practicing yoga daily and also lifting weights and TRX practice (the new sport craze among celebs.) Others who also practice are actresses Mischa Barton or Adriana Lima. In the picture we see her with her personal trainer. The results? Spectacular.

5. Jessica Alba takes the gym home

The actress trained for an hour every day under the supervision of a personal trainer. Jessica Alba says that sport makes you feel very good, which encourages perseverance. Here she is taking a picture for sharing it in his Twitter and Instagram.

6. Jessica Hart: fashion does not conflict with sports

We can see her in a leather jacket-inspired dress while pedaling her bike for some exercise. The model uses her bike in all her travels, and yet it is rare to see her in sweats. Clearly, if instead of going by public transport or car, you take the bike (if your city allows it), it is easier than it seems to be fit.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio, faithful to her spinning class

The model Alessandra Ambrosio practices yoga and pilates every day. She additionally plays volleyball on the beach and goes to spinning class to burn calories in a gym in California. That explains why she is still a Victoria’s Secret Angel after her second pregnancy. But for her, the most effective sport is "running after their children."

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