Celine Dion to Resume Career After Husband's Cancer

Singer Celine Dion has announced that she is resuming her career and heading back to Las Vegas to pick up where she left off.

In August last year, Dion announced that she was stepping back from the limelight to spend time with her ailing husband and manager René Angélil, who had been diagnosed with throat cancer for a second time.

The Canadian singer is set to resume her busy schedule on August 27th, 2015, almost a year after she postponed all remaining scheduled shows of her Las Vegas residency and cancelled a planned mini tour of Asia.

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A Year in Hell

Dion recently sat down with ABC’s Deborah Roberts to talk about her planned comeback, and her personal struggle over the last year.

She told Roberts that she found out about her husband’s cancer on their 19th wedding anniversary in 2013.

“It was December 17th and I will never forget, because it was our wedding anniversary and I was rehearsing for The Voice,” the 47-year-old singer said. “And after the rehearsal, I went back in my dressing room and I saw him looking pretty devastated and shocked. And I was like, ‘what’s going on?’ and he sat down and he said, ‘I have cancer again. The doctor just called me, and I have cancer again’. And at that moment, honestly, my heart started to beat faster but my body shut off”.

However, she had to go back on stage to perform her duet with Ne-Yo called “Incredible” live on The Voice – like a pro.

“I went on, I sang the song, and then we went to the hotel and then reality started to strike,” she continued. “It took a toll on me”.

When asked how she could go on stage every night and perform, she tearfully said, “Sometimes – and I think I’m used to it – don’t feel what you need to feel. Just do it”.

Struggling between her Las Vegas shows and caring for her cancer-stricken husband and their three children, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer decided to take a short hiatus. This was against Angélil’s wishes who is fed through a feeding tube and cannot hear properly due his radiation treatments.

The Show Must Go On

Now that Angélil is slowly recovering, Dion is preparing for her grand return to the music scene.

Meanwhile, Dion has been making a few changes to her crew.

Angélil has now stepped down as her manager and has been replaced by their longtime friend and business associate Aldo Giampaolo.

Moreover, four of her band members were let go earlier this year. Giampaolo said, “it was a decision that was very difficult to make, but I decided it was necessary to give new life to the show”.

Roberts asked the songstress if she was feeling nervous about returning to Vegas, considering that fellow diva Mariah Carey was setting up house for her own residency show. “There’s one Mariah, there was one Whitney, there’s one Britney,” she says. “There’s one of us. You know, I don’t believe that humans are all the same”.

Dion first met Angélil when she was just 12 years old when he became her manager and even mortgaged his own home to finance the recording of her first two albums. It wasn’t until 1988 when their relationship transitioned from professional to romantic after she won the Eurovision Song Contest, and they married in 1994.

Angélil was diagnosed with throat cancer the first time in 1999, which resulted in a two-year hiatus for the singer. He made a full recovery, however, and Dion made her highly anticipated comeback in March 2002.

Dates for her upcoming shows were announced from August 27th, 2015 through to January 15th, 2016, and tickets went on sale in late March.

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