Chantelle Brown-Young: Beyond Beauty

Chantelle Brown-Young suffers from the skin condition vitiligo that causes her body to attack the melamine (the substance that colors skin) in her skin. This results in discoloration of her skin. Even though she has been treated as an outcast for most of her life, she not only overcame, but succeeded where very many have failed.

Winnie (as she is known) is currently a top-model, that has walked the most prestigious of catwalks. She speaks in this video about her life with the skin condition. She speaks about being bullied and actually becoming a bully herself as a defense mechanism. She thought by being on the other side of the spectrum she would be safe. She found out very quickly that she didn’t want to be that type of person. Eventually, she completely dropped out of school.

Beauty is Everywhere

Winnie first came to the attention of media when she participated in America’s Next Top Model, but the star continued to rise from there.

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She has inspired people with her condition and others with conditions that affect their appearance to embrace themselves as they are and ignore negativity. As she says, beauty is everywhere, and if it is everywhere it must take many forms.