Characteristics of a Workaholic

Whether you love your job or hate it, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital. Without distributing your time fairly between work and home, you will find that your work days become longer and more stressful, and you have little time to relax and recuperate after a tough week in the office.

Essentially, if you are a workaholic, then things need to change – and fast! You might think of yourself as the office ‘hero’ for coming in early and being the last one to leave, but in fact, you are the only one losing out. When your colleagues are at home with their families or out socializing with friends and you are stuck behind your desk – it is clear who the unfortunate one is!

Many professionals don’t even recognise that they have become a workaholic. In many cases, they get so inundated with work that they end up reducing their time at home and increasing it at work without even realizing!

Check out the characteristics of a workaholic below to find out if you are one!

#1 You are the first one in the office, and the last to leave.

This may be construed as being incapable of managing your workload effectively, or could even make people question your state of mind if you are spending more time at work than at home. Be careful how many hours you put into work; working overtime is not always a good thing.

#2 You go to work, even when you feel sick.

A workaholic would probably turn up to work irrespective of how sick he or she was, but this is not only damaging to their own health, but it puts others at risk too.

#3 You eat through your lunch hour.

Whilst many workers feel the need to eat through their lunch break from time to time, a workaholic will do this almost every day. Not taking your lunch will not help you to get more done though, it actually prevents your body from getting its much needed boost of energy midday.

#4 You are snappy and rude to your co-workers.

This is often a sign that you are stressed at work (usually from being over-worked). If you are snapping at your colleagues just because they don’t do the ungodly hours you do, or because they take their allocated vacation leave to spend time with their family, you need to reassess how you work!

#5 You work, even while on vacation.


Ok, so you have agreed to take some time off work, but you spend your time at the beach on your BlackBerry and iPad trying to keep on top of incoming emails. This is not the sign of someone relaxing on holiday, it is the sign of a workaholic. 

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