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Philanthropy is the measure of an evolved, healthy and prosperous society. Unfortunately, if there are funds to be taken advantage of, there are the unscrupulous people that will do so. Although most charitable non-for-profits allocate 90-95% of donations to helping, there are the detestable few that spend almost half of their donation on ‘administrative expenses’. Here are a few charities that don’t actually help.

If you would like to donate but would like to avoid charities such as these, please visit these charity watchdog’s websites:



Charity Navigator

As with any entity that deals with appropriating fund embezzlements, controversy and clandestineness follow. Some of the charities included in this list attempt to mislead by using names that are reminiscent of other bigger organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Kids Wish Network. A lot of these shady non-for-profits will hire for-profit companies to solicit funds that the president or someone affiliated with upper management owns.

Kid Wish Network

Obviously this charity was named to create a connection to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The charity is supposedly dedicated to dying children and their families. The charity (which I tentatively call a charity) only gives 3 cents to the dollar to their cause. To date, the company - I’m sorry, I meant charity – has paid a total of 4.8 million dollars in salaries and fees to the president and founder Mark Breiner’s own companies. Of the 128 million raised, only 3.5 million dollars went to the children. A whopping 115.9 million went to for-profit fundraising companies. This charity has been active for the better part of 16 years.

Cancer Fund of America

This organization claims to be on the forefront of the fight against cancer. The truth is that of the 98 million dollars received in donation of the charities, only 853.491 dollars where donated to the cause. Of that amount, it wasn’t donated in the form of funds but instead of goods such as shampoo, DVDs and air-fresheners. On the other hand, the CFA has been sending 82% of all the donations given to its for-profit fundraisers. As if that wasn’t enough, the CFA also manages four other spin-off charities in exact same way.

International Union of Police Associations

This charity claims to help the families of fallen police officers and award scholarships to people that are getting their degrees in Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, the laughable 28.000 dollars a year won’t do much good. Try giving the majority of the 57 million dollars raised in the past decade, then you might actually contribute to something. More than 70% of donations go to fundraising companies.

National Veterans Services Fund

Similar to the charity above, this foundation touts that it assists veterans and their families with consulting, and physical and mental health assistance. Most of the money again is redirected to solicitors and to the president’s salary. Of the 70 million gathered by the charity in the last decade, only about 500.000 a year has actually gone to veterans.

Children’s Cancer Fund of America

Named to mislead as the prestigious American Cancer Society, it has gone as far as getting a similar address in Atlanta. Ironically, James T. Reynolds worked for the American Cancer Society but after both employment and financial misdoings was asked to resign or be fired. One of these heinous actions was registering a Mustang in his name that was intended for a charitable auction. This family controls no less than five other charities that raise money for cancer. The charities employ at least a dozen family members on executive salaries, and paid 75 million dollars to solicitors of the 110 million dollars they made in the last three years. The network of charities also has the tendency to pay grants to each other, further convoluting their financial data.

If there is any other charitable organization that deserves to be mentioned for misdoings, please let me know in the comment section below.




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