How to Choose Meals For Visual Health

meals for eyes

As kids, we were told that eating carrots would make us see better. Our parents weren’t lying. There’s truth to that statement, because nutrition impacts our visual health. As we age, our vision worsens. This is why it’s imperative that we maintain our visual health. Our first line of defense is nutrition.

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Just as you eat heart-healthy foods, you should incorporate more foods for visual health. Which foods should you choose? Well first, you need to focus on foods that offer your eyes the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy.

Nutrition and Visual Health

When you eat certain foods, your body absorbs the beneficial nutrients. There are certain vitamins, such as vitamin E, which benefit the skin. Folate and vitamin C, help tackle inflammation. What about your eyes? The following nutrients will allow you to maintain your visual health for years to come.

  • Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is found in both fruits and vegetables. It has been shown to slow down the progression of age-related vision loss while reducing one’s risk of developing cataracts.

  • DHA/Omega-3 Fatty Acids

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, which has to be consumed within our diet. Fatty acids help maintain our immune system and nervous system while providing fuel for cells. These fatty acids are especially crucial for proper retinal function and visual development.

  • Lutein

Lutein can be found in a wide variety of foods. Green vegetables such as kale and spinach, are excellent sources. Your eyes have high concentrations of this nutrient. It has been found that when individual consume large amounts of lutein, they decrease their risk of macular degeneration, as well as cataracts.

Meals to Choose For Visual Health

Although you need to target overall health, you can be conscious of incorporating more eye-healthy foods into your diet. Majority of the following meals will also benefit your cardiovascular health, brain health, respiratory health, and more.

When you choose the right nutritional options, you’re making proactive decisions towards your health. Your visual health needs to be cared for, as our eyes are highly sensitive to damage. Poor eating habits can actually harm your eyes. Incorporate some of these meal ideas into your day, aiding your visual health.

  • For breakfast

start with some eggs and freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Eggs are a decent source of lutein, as well as zeaxanthin (which is another antioxidant that benefits your eyes). The orange juice helps to provide you with the vitamin C your eyes need to minimize age-related degeneration. You could also squeeze some lemon in your tea, or eat a grapefruit.

  • Take a salad to work

focusing on dark leafy greens. Make a mixed salad that includes both kale and spinach. To load up on vitamins and antioxidants, chop up some green and red peppers to add nutritional value to your salad. Nuts and seeds can add that extra crunch to your salad, as well as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin E helps protect your eye cells from free radicals, which create highly damaging effects.

  • For dinner

eat fish at least twice a week. Fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel, all protect your eyes. Not only do the omega fatty acids help enhance retinal function and visual development, but they help reduce dry eye.

You can take proactive measures to improve your visual health. Start incorporating more eye-healthy foods. You will not only decrease your risk of visual health complications, but improve your overall health in the process. 




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