How to Choose Your Major

How to Choose Your Major

Deciding on a major takes time and diligence in order to make the right decision for your future professional career. There are so many possibilities of career paths that you can choose. However, it is important to make an informed decision. That process begins by following four basic steps as outlined in this article.

1. Listen to Your Passions

Choosing the right major for you should be based upon your passions and personality. Of course, you must have the specific skill set that is needed. However, skills can be taught. Passion needs to be cultivated from inside and cannot be taught. It is vital you realize that your career path will change as you age. Yet, if you want to find true happiness in your job, you should invest in a career that you are passionate about. Understanding your personality type can bring you one step closer toward ascertaining the job which is the best fit for you. The College Board offers users the opportunity to take a personality assessment. Individuals can then receive a detailed report on their specific personality type. This will then assist the determination of the career field most suited to them.

2. Consider the Details

Earning potential and the job benefits package are two important factors when deciding on whether or not to accept a job. Each company offers specific benefits packages. However, many companies offer the same range of salary for similar positions. Individuals who receive degrees in the science and math fields have an increased chance of earning a higher salary than those in other majors. Researching the details for specific career fields is made easier by accessing the data provided by The Bureau of Labor and Statistics in their Occupational Outlook Handbook. This handbook lists a compilation of over one hundred occupations. Individuals can search for occupations and ascertain specific details such as salary, work experience needed, number of jobs, highest paying and the current job outlook etc.

3. Heed Wise Counsel

College students who seek wise counsel will increase their chances of choosing the right career path for their lives. There are a variety of resources available to students who are seeking counsel. Visit your college campus support services office and request an appointment with one of the career counselors on staff. Speak with students who are near the end of their college experience and ask specific questions regarding their own journey. If you can learn from their mistakes and adjustments, you may prevent yourself from going down the wrong pathway and make better choices for your current situation.

4. Work an Internship

Another viable option toward discovering the best major for you is to work an internship. Most internships are unpaid, but you will earn valuable knowledge, increase your skill set and ascertain whether or not you are truly passionate about the career field you’ve chosen. Having the opportunity to function in the day-to-day operations of your chosen field will open your eyes to new factors that you never would have seen had you not taken an internship. Other options are to get a part-time job or volunteer at an organization. The latter option would be ideal for students who are interested in the social work or community organizing fields.

Choosing your major does not have to be a difficult process if you follow the basic steps outlined here. It is vital that you first ascertain your passions and discover how your personality and possible career field will mesh. Consider the specifics of earning potential as that coincides with the personal goals in your life. Finally, contemplate working an internship, obtaining a part-time job or volunteering at an organization.


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