Chris Fisher’s Money- Making Scheme

If you have always wanted a credible and professional e-mail address but were put off by costs or the complexity behind acquiring such domains, then this could be your lucky day.

Chris Fisher, a 40-year-old IT consultant has announced that he is selling email addresses and subdomains for – a domain he registered back in 1995! Despite being approached by organizations such as the National Smokers Association to buy the domain name from him, he always refused, until now that is. He states that the recent media frenzy associated with the Snowden leaks and secret government agencies has meant the domain (which, to many, implies: National Security Association) has become in hot demand, and like any other business professional he seeks to capitalize on this opportunity.

Not only did Chris Fisher register, he has also harvested other popular domains including He said that because they were cheap, he registered them. Evidentially a good strategy!

Charging a very reasonable $100 one off fee for an email address, Fisher is expected to make a great deal of revenue from this idea.

What is so important about Fisher’s entrepreneurial movement?

Fisher’s success lies in the popularity of the domain name that is He originally registered the domain due to his interest in the hack scene, but his ‘hobby’ of buying up unique domain names has actually developed into a great money-making opportunity for him. Think of how many organizations could exploit the acronym NSA and take advantage of this popular credible domain, there are many! Take for instance the National Sociological Association (NSA). If this Association wants to create an e-mail address or a subdomain, then purchasing it from Fisher is their only way.

Buying domains cheap and selling them on at a higher price is part and parcel of the entrepreneurial game. Many budding entrepreneurs will purchase several domains that interest them (thereby preventing others from using similar names) or on the flip side, they will purchase popular domains for the purpose of selling them. You will often find that your desired domain name is taken by someone who is not even using it as a website!

Certainly, securing a domain name is an important part of entrepreneurial success as it communicates organizational professionalism and brand identity. But what happens when your desired domain name is already taken? Take a look at another article on our blog called “An Entrepreneur’s Nightmare” for tips on what to do in this situation. 

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