Civil Service in Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan’s objectives to improve their public administration system are thought to enhance governance, financial discipline, and transparency in the public sector. At present, approximately 30 central government structures have been reformed and the objective to continue improving the public sector is ongoing.

The Civil Service

The public administration of the civil service is regulated by a number of important legislations, including:

  • Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan 1999
  • Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Civil Service 2000
  • 1978 ILO Labour Relations (Public Service) Convention was ratified in 1993 and its provisions regulate the civil service

Principles of Azerbaijan’s civil service surround:

  • The rule of law
  • Separation of powers (legislative, executive and judicial)
  • Accountability of government institutions
  • Accountability and oversight of civil servants
  • Fairness in civil service recruitment
  • Equality of civil servants


The recruitment of civil servants to positions within the civil service are structured on a competitive basis. Essentially, the recruitment process is made up of tests and interviews, which must be passed by applicants seeking a position with the civil service. Oftentimes, the successful applicant will be offered a one-year internship/contract position within the respective governmental department and upon successful completion of this contract; the applicant will be offered a further 2 years probationary appointment.

Civil servants benefit from an attractive employment and promotion track, whereby promotions are based on merit and salary reviews are usually conducted annually and are based on work performance.

Remuneration of civil servants in Azerbaijan is structure on a unified pay system which was implemented in 1996 and aims to ensure civil servants are paid in line with the type of job they have, level of responsibility and seniority.


Civil servants in Azerbaijan have the right to training and development as provided in Article 21 o the Law on Civil Service. Training is often performed at the Academy of Public Administration, which has been in operation since 2000.