Civil Service in Moldova

The civil service in Moldova has been revised and reformed to promote a more modern and transparent system, particularly with regards to the recruitment, selection and appointment of civil servants. The PPD – Personnel Policy Division (a unit of the State Chancellery) is responsible for the development of personnel policy across the Moldovan government.


The civil service is regulated in line with the following principle laws:

  • Law on Civil Service 1995

  • Regulation on the Organization of Selection to Fill Vacancies in the Public Administration 1997

  • Single Regulation of the Personnel Service 1998

  • Direction for Personnel Policy within Government 1998

  • Public Sector Reform Strategy 2000


The recruitment of civil servants in Moldova is based upon a client-orientated system and is also based on merit. Selection of civil servants to government departments is non-discriminatory, fair and competitive, and vacancies are open to all citizens of the country.

With regards to the appointment of political appointees, the rules surrounding this are laid down in the Civil Service Law as the selection process varies from that of other public service employment positions.


As stipulated in the Law on Civil Service, all civil service employees are required to improve their skills and obtain new qualifications in line with the requirements of their civil service job. Training is provided, and funded by the government to facilitate the progression of civil servants within their respective departments. The APA – Academy of Public Administration is an organization which is responsible for providing vocational training for civil servants from local and central public administration bodies.


Civil servants are entitled to fair remuneration for their work, which varies according to the seniority of the individual and the type of job they hold. Overall, there are 29 pay categories which cover every type of civil service employment in Moldova. In addition to receiving a base salary, civil servants also benefit from bonuses, and other payments, for work performed and new qualifications gained, amongst other reasons. Other benefits in civil servants’ compensation packages include expenses and cars.