How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in France

unemployment benefits in france

According to INSEE, the unemployment rate in France in the first quarter of 2015 was 10.3 percent. The French government caters to its population and those in low-income jobs, through the National Insurance. It offers a broad range of unemployment benefits ensuring that you can support your family until your job search is over. So, how do you claim these benefits in France?

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1. Register With Pôle emploi

If you lose your job and start looking for another, you need to express your job search interest at your nearest Pôle emploi within twelve months. You register online by filling a short questionnaire, a copy of which you should also print. You should renew your registration every month to signify that you are still looking for work. If you are not a French citizen, you have register for transfer of rights purposes only, as you are not entitled for unemployment benefits.

2. Confirm Eligibility

Not everybody in France is qualified for unemployment benefits. Salaried individuals have an entitlement to benefits because they contribute to the National Insurance scheme. Pôle emploi, which has the sole power to collect and pay security contributions, sets out certain conditions to meet in order to get the unemployment benefits. Once you meet the criteria, the next thing for you is to think of making a claim.

3. File a Claim

Filing a claim is surprisingly straightforward. Upon meeting the qualification criterion as per Pôle emploi guidelines, you can choose to make an online application or call the job centre for free on 0800 022 4250. An adviser will receive the application and invite you for more discussions in order to inform you about how you can improve and sharpen your job search skills. At the employment centre, you can obtain information on any other advantage entitlements and how to go about the application procedures even if you are in employment. Some examples include support, tax, housing and child benefits.

4. Congregate Your Documents

On the interview day, it is important you carry along all the appropriate materials that will facilitate verification and quick processing of your application. Examples include; driving license or birth certificate, National insurance number, statement of your income/savings and bank account status.

5. Application Submission

Make your claim application as soon as you can because it is a process that takes time. On the Pôle emploi website, you will find guidelines regarding submission or if convenient, drop the form personally at the agency.

6. Appear For Reviews

Your adviser will, from time to time, require you to have review meetings to enhance your capacity for embracing a suitable job. It is during these meetings that you will express your competitive edge in the job market. Failure to cooperate with your adviser can lead to termination of your payments. You are also bound to give updates of any changing circumstances regarding employment opportunities during this period.

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The procedure to claim unemployment benefits may take time but can save you while you are looking for a new job. Cooperate with the relevant agencies to hasten the process and ensure that you provide honest details about your job situation. Also, visit our careers section for tips to help you get back on your feet faster.

Ever been through this procedure? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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