How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Italy

italy Unemployment Benefits

Although the global economic climate is slowly emerging from recession, some businesses are still struggling to survive. Unfortunately, this means that some people working in affected sectors may find themselves being made redundant.

The unemployment rate, according to ISTAT, is currently 12.4 percent.  Luckily, the Italian government supports anyone unlucky enough to lose their job through their benefits system, provided you have paid into the National Insurance scheme during your time in the country.

Here’s what to do if you’re unlucky enough to be made unemployed whilst living in Italy.

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1. Register with the Local Employment Office

The first thing to do is to register with your local employment office, the Ufficio di Collocamento. 

You’ll need to present yourself to the Ufficio di Collocamento as you can’t make a claim for unemployment benefits online.

You should note that a condition of your registration is that you will make yourself available immediately, should a job offer be forthcoming. Your unemployment status will be regularly checked to see if you are still claiming benefits. If any suitable vacancies are identified on the office’s jobs database, you will be sent for an interview.

2. Confirm Your Eligibility to Claim

Before it’s possible to make a claim, you must confirm that you are actually eligible.

If you lose your job in Italy, you will be able to claim unemployment benefits, provided you have worked there for at least 12 months or have made voluntary contributions for two years or more.

You can’t claim any form of unemployment benefit in Italy if you’ve never worked in the country, if you resign voluntarily from your job, or if you are self-employed.

The Italian unemployment benefits system has a number of different types of benefits. You can find out which ones you are eligible to claim here.

3. Present Your Documentation

When you visit the Ufficio di Collocamento, you will need to present various documents to them which will be used to determine your eligibility for a claim, and to determine which benefits you may be entitled to.

Before attending your appointment, make sure you have copies of your notice of dismissal, together with a certificate of family status. The Ufficio di Collocamento will then issue you with an unemployment registration card.

Once you have registered, the Ufficio di Collocamento will handle the processing of your claim for you.

4. Attend Regular Reviews

Within the first three months of your unemployment, you’ll have an interview with an advisor who will try to find you a suitable vacancy. If you’re still not working by the time six months have elapsed, you’ll be sent on a training scheme in an effort to get you back into work.  

You should note that, if you are offered a job or a place in a training scheme near to where you live, but you decline it, your unemployment status will be removed, and your benefits will cease.

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The Italian unemployment benefits system is designed to provide support to those who are unfortunate enough to lose their jobs, while efforts are made to find them alternative employment as quickly as possible.

If you find yourself in this position, contact the local employment office as soon as possible. They will handle your claim for you and provide you with current figures on how much you are entitled to receive.

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