Classic Music Videos are a Fantastic, Inexpensive Fashion Inspiration For Work

gwen stefani style

Ah, the music video. It’s come a long way (thank you, Michael Jackson), from singers performing their hits for the cameras to videos with storylines to avant garde stuff loved by Lady Gaga and other performance art-based singers. Fashion is a huge part of many music videos, so why not allow a few to inspire your work wardrobe? Check out some stylish, inexpensive ideas based on classic videos before going clothes shopping for a new job:

Uptown Girl

Billy Joel’s ode to then-future-wife Christie Brinkley has to be one of the cutest music videos of all time, and features the stunning supermodel. Brinkley looks absolutely gorgeous in the video, and wears a flowery, short, strapless dress with plenty of room to move. Her long glittery earrings are offset by the large, very fashionable hat that hides her hair, and the look is completed with black pumps. Brinkley takes off the hat at the end of the video, revealing her lustrous blonde hair, but the outfit is as timeless today as it as when the video came out in the mid-80s. This look can easily work for an afternoon work-related cocktail party or similar event in the late spring or summer. Alter the ensemble as needed depending on your job's dress code.


Gwen Stefani has long been celebrated for her classic-pinup-meets-SoCal-rocker-girl style, and the ‘Spiderwebs’ video is a classic example of this. A huge makeup fan, the singer sports her signature red lips, trademark Bindi and defined eyes in the clip, as well as her cropped, white ‘Gwen’ shirt with plaid pants and red boots. While no one is suggesting you wear a cropped shirt to work, this look can be adjusted if your office environment is crazy-causal or otherwise promotes such fashion. Think a little less makeup and a top that isn't missing fabric.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

The video for the Eurythmics' classic features gender-bending Annie Lennox in an oh-so stylish black suit. Whether you want to try her extreme red buzz-cut is up to you, but you can certainly find inspiration from the suit, white shirt and gray tie. The whip is also....optional.

Other classic videos featuring smart suits include 'Once in a Lifetime' by the Talking Heads, 'Weapon of Choice' by Fatboy Slim, 'Express Yourself' by Madonna and 'Simply Irresistible' by Robert Palmer.

If This is It

Huey Lewis certainly fits the "All-American Guy" bill, and the video for 'If This is It' features the '80s icon in a timeless red polo with black pants. Yes, he's not always wearing shoes because he's walking on the beach, however the look fits any work-related golf outing or other causal event.

Where to Find the Clothes

Most of this stuff is easy to find at stores such as Marshall's and CostCo. Even if you can't find what you're looking for, these stores receive new shipments of all kinds of stuff every week or so. In other words, you'll probably stumble upon what you want at some point. Consignment, vintage and thrift stores are also options, and are super-fun to browse anyway due to that "treasure hunt" component. Besides, you're looking impress with your work wardrobe, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Enjoy pulling work wardrobe inspiration from these and other classic music videos! Do you have a favorite look or iconic singer who inspires your wardrobe choices? How about a specific video? Share your favorites in the comments section!