How to Clean up Your Facbook Profile With SimpleWash

There are ample benefits to having a presence on social media when it comes to searching for your next role or employment opportunity. Many employers are aware of the multitude of advantages that a savvy social networker can bring to their company. Social media allows companies to successfully target, reach and interact with customers enhancing brand and product awareness. The ability to navigate and engage with new leads can be an important work skill to have.

However there can be downsides to social media when you are searching for employment. Graduates or school leavers entering the workplace for the first time may fail to grasp the importance their Facebook profile can have when it comes to securing an interview, or the job, especially in times of intense competition for the role. Job seekers of any age and experience level can find themselves exposed to the critique of employers, who must find a way of easily eliminating some candidates from the recruitment process to focus on those they consider more worthy.

Indiscreet postings on your Facebook page can easily cost you a much desired interview to sell yourself for the role.

But there is good news for job seekers who would like to clean up their Facebook profile to improve their chances of gaining a place in recruiter’s thoughts when they want to fill a vacancy. 

A new app called SimpleWash has been launched to help Facebook users clean their profiles of old undesirable posts. Job seekers can use this new tool to help improve their online presence to ensure they become more desirable to discerning employers.

The app is easy to use. Simply go to and then log in to your Facebook account. Then you can go to the app and allow it to start searching keywords or terms that you would like to remove from your profile. The keyword search will apply to all your news feeds and tagged items.

Be aware that photos and items without a description will still be visible unless you manually remove them yourself. Take some time to consider how would like your profile to represent you once you enter the workforce, or if you are searching for a new role in another company.

What is considered acceptable by one company may vary greatly at others. Oftentimes companies that many people aspire to work for will consider their employees online profiles as important representations of not just themselves, but the company they work for.  Try to envision yourself and your profile as a future employer will see you, and start tailoring how you present yourself to the public into a professional persona.

Just remember – Facebook can be both a useful networking and engaging skill in many careers – but it can also be the ending of a new career before it has begun. With Facebook renowned for changing their privacy agreements on a frequent basis, you need to ensure that anyone who could possibly access your account, even inadvertently, will no longer find anything that could adversely affect your employability.