Cloud Computing in Education

Over the last few years, cloud computing technology has seen a rapid growth in different industries, with education being one of the sectors that is increasingly adopting these types of services. Thanks to its potential to simplify student registration and admission processes, as well as to facilitate communication and collaboration, the cloud has become one of the leading factors of digital revolution in education.

The infographic by Australian web host Crucial summarizes the recent trends related to the adoption of the cloud in education and explains the idea behind the concept. Namely, cloud computing technology essentially refers to using computing power delivered via the web in order to eliminate the need for complex in-house IT infrastructure and deliver data in real time. Delivery models can be divided into three major categories - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, as shown on the infographic. 

When it comes to the pace of its adoption in education, the infographic gives an overview of the number of educational institutions that are using the services provided by three major cloud companies - Microsoft, Google and Amazon. There is also a list of some specific benefits both educators and students can see from using these services, as well as potential risks associated with it. Evidently, there are still a number of limitations educational institutions need to overcome in order to properly implement cloud resources in all the critical processes.

Finally, there is a quick preview of the most important changes the emergence of the cloud triggered in the educational sector. Namely, a large-scale transformation is happening as more and more students now use web resources for research, education, collaboration and communication. This transformation is perhaps most conspicuous in the areas of mobile and language learning, where the cloud is used extensively to support currend needs of both students and educators. 




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