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Coffee has a bad reputation amongst health conscious circles due to the level of caffeine it boasts. Further to that, there are the usual concerns about stained teeth, stunted growth, bad breath and the fact that some people quite literally become addicted to the beverage. Risks aside, we owe a lot to coffee. Not only is it our saviour during times of serious fatigue, but it is ingrained in society as a sociable outing, a pleasantry, a treat even. Why should we give it up on the off chance the risks become reality? Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits and reasons why coffee is the workers’ champion.

Improved performance

Luckily, there is research to prove that coffee has many health benefits which work wonders for the working professional. A abstract article titled “Investigation of the Effectsof Coffee on Alertness and Performance during the Day and Night” as published by scientific journal, Neuropsychobiology, found that one’s alertness and general performance was improved through drinking caffeinated coffee. This improvement was applicable during both day and night experiments, which is good news for both office and shift employees alike! Drinking coffee therefore helps to stimulate our brains and boost our alertness, which in turn, helps us become more proactive and productive in the workplace.

Reduced risk of disease and depression

According to industry experts, coffee is also said to help protect against ‘Parkison’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver disease’. While this is a great general health benefit for all coffee drinkers, a further (and somewhat surprising) benefit of coffee is that it ‘appears to improve cognitive functioning’ which in turn helps to lower the risk of depression. A Harvard study also found that women had a 20% lowered risk of becoming depressed if they were regular coffee drinkers i.e. 4 or more cups per day. Additionally, the London School of Economics and Political Science reveals that employees who suffer from depression actually cost European business an estimated £77 billion annually, which means that drinking coffee on a regular basis could actually be said to save European businesses money in the long term.

Heightens physical performance

Another health benefit of coffee is its ability to ‘improve physical performance’ in drinkers. Therefore if your job is particularly demanding, drinking coffee will help to stimulate the nervous system and break down fat. This, combined with an increased metabolism, will aid any worker in a physically taxing job to keep their energy levels up and will help employees who are sat at a desk all day to keep off the added pounds!

Overall, coffee does have its risks and downsides, but it also has many health benefits that workers can take advantage off and finally stop feeling guilty for drinking coffee! Take a look at this interesting infographic (designed by for a detailed insight into coffee, the workers’ champion beverage.


Image source: dailyinfographic

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