Competition on games to prevent workplace hazards

office competition

The contest, with a prize of up to $ 160,000, suggests that through a PC game students learn to solve situciones risk, using preventive measures. This will give continuity to the program "Prevention from school" of the SRT.

The Superintendency of Occupational Risks (SRT) of the Ministry of Labour, by Resolution No. 1002/2012 published in the Official Gazette, the contest rules adopted for the development of a computer game on the Prevention of Occupational Risks. This affects the surplus from the Guarantee Fund of the organism in the amount of $ 160,000. 

The call comes as part of the SRT program called "Prevention School", which is based on the need to reflect on the theme of occupational hazards as a basis for the care of the health and safety of children who will become future workers. With this proposal is to allow the small and young are able to identify dangerous situations that may occur in different work activities and modify behaviors, providing personal care and collective implementing concrete actions and adopting guidelines to establish a genuine culture of prevention. 

Papers must be submitted anonymously and will remain in that capacity until the announcement of the board's opinion. Participants may not violate the anonymity in the contest by the manifestation of traits, signs, symbols, or other items of possible identification.