Content Writing is a Better Career Option Than Academic Writing

With the passage of time, freelance writing has become a necessity to earn extra cash at home. There are billions and trillions of websites and blogs which need regular contents. Writing a professional piece of content or article is not a cup of tea. It requires a lot of attention, strong grammar, focus on quality and uniqueness, and of course proper use of keywords.

Content Writing vs. Academic Writing:

There are a lot of differences between content writing and academic writing. Let us check out a few of them.

  • For becoming a content writer, you don’t need to hold a degree or specific experience. On the other hand, the academic writers always need to hold either a graduate or post-graduate degree.
  • The inexperienced individuals and housewives with lesser education can initiate writing contents. Unfortunately there is no room for such people in academic writing.
  • Your one piece of content (with approximately 400-500 words) pays something from $5-$10, depending upon the experience. The newbie writers are working for pennies in this field. The least price of one page (with about 250-350 words) in academic writing allows you to make something from $3-$5 per page.

Low Season Headache in Academic Writing:

Those who are working as academic writers must be familiar with the fact that this job never has hot season the whole year. Usually the low season starts from January and lasts till August. If you are working in this sector then you should be ready to save some money to spend during the months there is a lack of sufficient jobs in academic writing.

On the other hand, the content writers see no low season. Every website needs content, news posts and articles on a daily or weekly basis. This means if you work as a content writer, then you can be assured that you’ll never have to suffer or feel scary of low season. The regular flow of work is assured for the great content writers throughout the year.

Difficult to Understand Formats of Academic Writing:

Being an academic writer requires you to be familiar with the writing formats like APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford and Chicago. Only the degree holders can develop better awareness with such complicated formats of academic writing. But what about those who are high school interns and want to make extra bucks at home? Certainly, content and article writing is the one and only option for such individuals.

The most interesting and dominating thing about content writing is that you will never be asked to write in a specific format or add some references into your piece for acceptance as is seen in academic writing. For the fresh graduates and high school students, content writing is a better option to go with. This will never put extra work burden or pressure of meeting the deadlines on you as is usually seen in academic writing field.

Write for Content Mills and Marketplaces:

You can sign-up at any of the following content mills and marketplaces and start writing contents.

Joining these websites is absolutely free and will take only a couple of minutes. Then you need to insert some information about your writing experience, education, insert the profile image and take a start with the perspective career of content writing.

When we talk about academic writing, then here are some top notch academic websites which require you to not only submit your credentials, but also ask you to pass the tough grammar and writing tests before you get access to writer’s dashboard.

Despite the fact that you have to face a lot of hurdles before getting into academic writing, your account can be closed anytime without any prior notification. Isn’t it irritating? Yes it certainly is.

When you think of becoming a freelance writer and are confused about whether to choose content or academic writing, keep in mind the things I mentioned above. Hopefully this will help you take the right decision and start a bright writing career.


Image Source: Wikimedia