How to Convert Office Gossips into Strong Leadership Tools

Gossip is bad, no doubt. Gossip is generally regarded as personal or private information that is not to be shared, whether true or false. As pointed by George Bernard Shaw, "The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business."

Contrary to the above statement, office gossips can be turned into good, recent studies suggest. Dr. Matthew Feinberg, a researcher at Stanford University, believes that organisations that allow gossips sustain cooperation and discourage selfishness more than organisations that don’t.

Here’s how you can use the power of gossips in positive ways like getting your employees together.

Identify smart work and spread the gossip about it

As noted by many successful CEOs, bosses hardly interact with their employees and if they do it would be to criticise their work. Try spreading positive gossips via notes, email or even face-to-face conversations. Identify and appreciate your men for their great deeds and tell them how proud you are for having them in your company.

You will be surprised with what follows up. This message will spread like fire among other employees. There will be many who would try to replicate, match up or at least raise their standard to try what this employee has achieved.

Remind your people of all the good deeds your company does

Lots of companies do many things for good causes like helping the challenged, contributing for a go-green cause or anything that is good for the world and people around it. If your company is involved in any kind of social activities, let all your employees know about it. This way you will help your people develop pride about your company. Not only that, they will spread it to their relatives, friends and colleagues. It is a magical way to unite your employees, help them develop more passion and work harder.

Remind them of your happy customers

Customers make or break your business. Your employees definitely know this and that their well-being is completely dependent on their customer’s well-being. Tell your employees about your happy customers during team meetings or even individual talks. A better idea would be to call one or two of your happy customers to let them tell their own stories. This is a very good idea if you want to develop positive energy among your employees. They will know that their hard work has paid off.

Let gossip be part of your culture

Gossip is dangerous only when it is negative. Encourage your people to spread positive gossips. Let them know that you not only allow it but you are happy about positive messages being spread. You can start it yourself so that your patriots will follow it. Instruct your team leaders to do the same.

The secret is to give them a message to share or cheer about. Give them a positive subject to talk about. If you don’t interact with your employees often, then you are not the best boss. 

Good bosses don’t play bad and bad bosses seldom do good things. But smart bosses turn even the bad things into good. So what kind of a boss are you?     


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