How to Cope with a Spontaneous Career

Many of us are currently engaged in careers that are spontaneous. And unlike the usual 9-5 jobs that typically involve permanent employment, spontaneous careers are subject to a variety of ever-changing factors that expose one to a variety of situations, challenges and circumstances on the ground. Moreover, the possibility of dealing with the same repetitive tasks is greatly diminished. Some of the factors that make careers spontaneous include...

Seasonal Calendar

Case in point is the agricultural sector whereby farmers have a timetable that corresponds with seasonal changes. Summer and spring are generally the preferred seasons for harvest while autumn presents the perfect time to plant seeds. Seasonal changes also correspond with festivities in that some of them peak during certain times of the year. Take Christmas, for instance, whereby companies need to boost their marketing to maximize on the uncanny spending spree associated with this season. They’ll, therefore, have to hire additional marketers on a contractual basis since their services won’t be needed once Christmas ends.

Economic Calendar

Every country has its own economic calendar that is composed of economic peaks and slumps throughout the year. The tourism sector, for instance, is quite dependent on the economic calendar. A good economic phase is coupled with a boost in the tourism sector since people have more residual income and hence more hotel workers are hired to cope with the high influx of tourists. An economic slump, however, forces tourism companies to size down on their staff since the spending power of people is generally diminished.

Evolving Trends

Take the smart phone industry for instance. Mobile phone manufacturers ensure that they are not left behind when it comes to maximizing on the latest tastes and preferences. That’s why you’ll find that nowadays, the battle for smart phone supremacy has grown fierce. Software developers, therefore, find that their services are most needed when the latest and trendy smart phones are being developed by mobile phone companies. Other than that, they’ll be engaged in a variety of software developing contracts throughout the year.

Geographical Flexibility

A career in the armed forces best depicts geographical flexibility, especially if one works for a super power. Soldiers are usually sent on tour to different parts of the world. Mission objectives also vary from peace keeping to enemy combat and so forth. There are also businessmen that travel to different parts of the world to negotiate contracts. We can’t forget to mention volunteer doctors like those currently engaged in Ebola hit parts of West Africa. Ultimately, geographical flexibility has endless possibilities to it...

How then does one cope with a Spontaneous Career?

#1 Have Contingency Measures in Place

What happens with spontaneous careers is that the inconsistency of opportunities makes one vulnerable to unemployment. This means that you’ll have to put up contingency measures in place to ensure that you’re engaged despite your temporary unemployment status once in a while. An entrepreneurial venture is the usual the favourite for most people engaged in spontaneous careers. Other than that, we’ve got part-time jobs that are usually on offer to people with flexible working schedules.

#2 Maximize on the Consequential Loopholes

In the line of duty, one is likely to encounter a ’loophole’ that one can (legally) profit from. Take a travelling business man for instance. His job, of course, is to be an ambassador for his company. Other than that, there must be some free time to which he dedicates towards establishing acquaintance with like minded business men all over the world. They then enlighten him on the latest investment opportunities with a promising future. That way, the businessman has contingency measures in place, plus of course, the privilege of expanding his business ventures worldwide thanks to the loopholes in his career.

#3 Diversify on your Career Goals and Ambitions

Being engaged in a spontaneous career exposes you to a myriad of possibilities. You’re not the 9-5 employee with ’normal’ goals and dreams. Instead, you’re exposed to a variety of challenges that give you the much needed push to diversify on your career goals and dreams. For instance, if you’re a seasonal marketer, you can aim to start your own marketing firm that has an expanded range of products and services. If you’re a veteran in the armed forces, then a security firm in the near future might turn your fortunes around. The point here is that you’re not merely focused on your basic career goals since new opportunities keep revealing themselves with each contractual engagement.

A spontaneous career is subject to constant change. The real question, however, is whether you’re capable of keeping up with the pace, thus improving your career in the process. As Tony Robbins once said, "Change is inevitable, progress is optional."

Image Credit: Deviant Art